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Status Updates posted by Ikano

  1. Uncle passed away recently...please excuse any overly emotional outbursts I have. (regular ones are another story '_' )

    1. eleoopy


      I'm sorry to hear that:( My heart goes out to you during this difficult time

    2. Ikano


      Thanks. It feels unreal...the frustrating thing is that it could've been prevented. But he ignored the signs...

  2. Tis the season for video gaming marathon....-ing

  3. Been playing HM: Lost Valley & Tears to Tiara 2 mainly...

  4. Currently playing: Tales of Graces f, Tales of Heroes: Twin Brave

  5. Otakon.Online time! Let's play~

    Uh I mean.....🙃

  6. *starts singing: "I got Cabin Fever! It's driving me insane~!"

  7. Currently Playing: Fate/Extra, Skyward Sword, Devil Survivor Overclocked

  8. Currently: Went back to playing/working on my HM: Tales of Two Towns file after 8-some-month hiatus from it =o

  9. Currently playing: Fate/Extra or Xenoblade Chronicles

  10. Welcome 7-day weekend

  11. Currently Playing Suikoden Tsumugareshi (It's so fun trying to practice my Japanese =)

  12. Currently playing: Tales of Heroes: Twin Brave & Kid Icarus: Uprising

  13. Currently...wishing it was summer ;-;

  14. Currently re-playing Devil Survivor: Overclocked. Can't wait till I get my hands on Suikoden: Tsumugareshi! (I've reserved it already MWUAHAHA!)

  15. Wounded my knee [again] recently.... Ahh.... I wonder if it'll be all healed up by con....

  16. Oh hey, I'm alive. s'uuup~

  17. Currently: Finishing up a plushie to go with one of my cosplays this year. ((Ahh I'm such a procrastinator...))

  18. Remember to FEED THE GOFERS! 8D

  19. Currently: 'On the other side of the globe' /travelling

  20. Currently playing: UtaPri: Debut, Final Promise Story, & FF: Type-0

  21. Currently playing: UtaPri: Debut, Final Promise Story, FF: Type-0, Arcana Famiglia(special ep), dotHack//VERSUS, P4:Arena, & KH 3D

  22. Currently playing: Arcana Famiglia-The Flying Dutchman, OrderUp!!, and The Last Story

  23. Currently playing: Arcana Famiglia-The Flying Dutchman, UtaPri: Debut, Pokemon White2

  24. Currently playing: Harvest Moon: A New Beginning

  25. Currently playing: Mugen Souls and/or FFXIII

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