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  1. The only other thing that I can think of that someone hasn't mentioned here before is you could offer to take COVID tests after con to prove you did or did not catch it... I saw CVS selling two different rapid ones the other day in-store like...with over-the-counter medicine [no need for doc "prescription" or what have you to purchase the kits]....one seemed to give results in 15 minutes and it didn't appear like you had to send it in the lab somewhere...Though honestly I don't quite remember the details printed on the box since the price tag was not quite chump change in my book...
  2. Identity crisis...I can't decide on a profile photo...

  3. Speaking of Metro....This is posted in the "How to Get Here" page already but even I took a bit of time to notice it... If you have a SmarTrip card issued prior to 2012 you need to arrange to get it replaced TLDR; They're beginning to phase out the old fare machines this month. The new machines can't read the old SmarTrip cards. I also want to add that if you try to do the mail-in option (which does grant you the $5 bonus credit into your already existing credit) The "mailed back within 10 business days" may be misleading. After support told us our family could mail back our 3 S
  4. @ClutchThe zoo specifically: https://nationalzoo.si.edu/visit/entry-passes-tickets
  5. And then there's my county.... MoCo...whom are pretty much against anything Hogan decides....it's gotten to the point I've personally stopped paying attention to all Covid-related announcements regarding restrictions etc. unless MoCo says so....(says someone who formerly caught every single covid-related press conference from every leader in the area) Sorry, I digress though, carry on.
  6. *starts singing: "I got Cabin Fever! It's driving me insane~!"

  7. My brother and I agreed that it doesn't have any games we're interested in right now to warrant us getting one. And if we "hold out" sooner or later they'll release one with larger hard drive space and/or "pro" version. Personally, I've bought games before without owning the console. Considering how bad my video game backlog is...I'm easily preoccupied with other games...
  8. Merch is up now on the Otakon.Online page (towards bottom)
  9. Otakon.Online time! Let's play~

    Uh I mean.....🙃

  10. Oh hey, I'm alive. s'uuup~

  11. Welcome 7-day weekend

  12. Summer break: When the days of the week merge into only one of two; "weekdays" or "weekend"

  13. Tis the season for video gaming marathon....-ing

  14. hibernating time...

  15. What? We're THAT close to Otakon?!

  16. zzzZZZzzzz.....

  17. Been playing HM: Lost Valley & Tears to Tiara 2 mainly...

  18. Currently playing P4G...and random iOS games still...

  19. Currently mainly playing: Conception 2...and random iOS games

  20. Currently playing: Bravely Default & some random iOS games

  21. Newest Harvest Moon game has a bachelor named "Nadi". My reaction: "HEY! They finally put me in a HM game~!" 8D

  22. Don't follow in my footsteps. I run into walls.

  23. summer almost over... *tear*

  24. Recovering from Otakon XX ((GAH! my muscles...))

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