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  1. I just copied the list off the OP.

    Name: Resa

    Age: 26.

    Cosplaying As: Nero (Devil May Cry 4), Ringo (Air Gear) and Fai D. Flowright (Tsubasa)


    Music - J-Rock/Pop, mostly. Some Russian and German techno. A little Spanish rock/alternative. If it's American, I probably don't listen to it.

    Movies - Action and Horror. No romance.

    Anime - I'll give just about anything a try, but I tend to be really picky about what I watch. Some of my favorites include Full Metal Panic, Speed Grapher, Kuroshitsuji, Phantom: Requiem For The Phantom, Code Geass, Gundam 00, Fullmetal Alchemist, Durarara, Baccano, Shiki, Tokyo Majin, Witchblade and Black Lagoon. And yes, even an action junkie like myself can get down with some Ouran High School Host Club and Vampire Knight every now and then.

    Games - Devil My Cry series, Persona series, The Last Remnant (this game stole my soul for a month straight), Unreal Tournament, Elder Scrolls, Diablo, Fable 1 and 2 (3 can go to hell), Digital Devil Saga, Champions: Return to Arms, Unreal Championship

    Art - I commission cosplays, wigs and props as a side job, and I'm finishing up my degree in art and design. I've only recently began doing fan art and such, but most of my digital work is original.

    Hobbies: cosplaying, digital art, gaming it up, writing, going to cons, drinking beer

    Anything extra: I've been cosplaying for about four years now, and hope to someday make a full-time business out of it. I love expanding my intellectual boundaries, and once I get my associates in Art and Design, I plan on transferring to get my BA in the same study, with a minor in Japanese. The Japanese culture scene is severely lacking around my general area, so I'm always on the prowl to establish new connections with others who run the convention circuit regularly. I network cons like I'm laying pipe, haha. At least I try to anyway.

    Contacts -

    Facebook - www.facebook.com/zetsubouresa (best way to contact me, hands down)

    Twitter - boobsofdoom (on once in a blue moon)

    Deviant Art - modernparanoia (I mainly use this to showcase my cosplay work for business puposes)

    Feel free to add/watch me. I LOVE meeting new people. And if they're convention kids, I'm even more interested in getting to know you.



    Haha dude seriously when I saw you are going to cosplay Nero I just wanted to glomp you! :)

    You...don't mind if I do that will you? Haha I'm kidding a bit about the glomping but I probably will come up to you!

    Do you know if any other DMC cosplayers will be going? I'm sort of actually practically dieing to see a Dante x'D Of course thats no surprise eh?

  2. Name: Ashley

    Age: 14

    Cosplaying As: Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji/BlackButler(I made up a simple outfit not seen in series I suppose x'D)


    Music - Any rock genre, All Kinds of Metal, Rock N Roll,Electro Gothic, Techno, Electronica, Power pop, Progressive rock, Alternative rock, and (Some)Pop which includes Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga. Also any kind of asian music like Japanese Music(J-pop, J-rock), and Korean music.

    Movies - Action/Adventure, Fantasy, perhaps a little sci-fi

    (Underworld, Underworld: Evolution, Anything With Johnny Depp, From Hell, Edward Scissorhands, Thor, Pirates of the Caribbean series, Alice in Wonderland, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, The Orphan, X-Men First Class, Tranformers, Super 8 etc.)

    Games - Devil May Cry series, Jack and Daxter series, Final Fantasy games, and Kingdom Hearts.

    Anime- I like many kinds of anime. I dont think there is an anime I don't like. My favorite is Kuroshitsuji/BlackButler. Same for its manga. I suppose I probably prefer darker series x'D But I love nearly all. I like action/adventure and fantasy.

    Hobbies: I like to draw some. Writing is nice. Photography I'm trying to get better at. I listen to music. Play some games here and there. Go on my laptop a lot I know for sure LMAO Uh what else counts???

    Anything extra: Eh, I suppose I can say I like dark things, as in Gothic-like things, and dark fantasy(that doesnt mean I dont like rainbows though! dont stereotype! x'D) Uhm, I love Cats, and Dogs both; Animals are cool I like them. I'm pretty much an easy going person, I guess it depends. I'm nice unless you rub me the wrong way. I get along with people quite well and love to make new friends. Uhhh...eh? LMAO I guess I dress in graphic t-shirts all the time? LMAO I don know what to say. I do draw, but Im not professional yet. And I do like photography and writing so I want something creative as a future profession. Hoping to get better at each of those things. I guess thats enoguh about me? haha Well, I love the characters Kairi from Kh. Sebastian M from Kuro, Ciel from Kuro and Dante from DMC. And I have a stupid sense of humor..

    Ok thats enough said... LMAO

    (Oh and I'm Athiest. But I dont mind having friends of different religion. As long as they respect mine)

    AIM: animeotakukairifan@yahoo.com

    MSN: animeotakukairifan@yahoo.com

    Facebook: animeotakukairifan@yahoo.com

    (I dont go on facebook as often though)

    And I guess I go on gaia if anyone wants that too?

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