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  1. Flight from Long Island to Baltimore = Free (My dad had a ton of miles racked up so he let me have one) Hotel for two nights $55 Taxi Round Trip $60 Sailor Moon Glass $22 Food $50-70 (I'll know when I get my bill back) Sucks I only made 15 bucks in the ally, but I'm glad I sold ONE thing to nothing.
  2. It stinks they closed up. I wasn't a fan of the place (I'm from New York, so I'm used to REAL pizza) but it's never good to see any place shut down. Just as long as 5 Guys is still there so I can get a quick burger and run back to the con, then I'm fine. I'm so glad my friend introduced me to that place. I wish I could take back all the horrible Burger King and even the Johnny Rockets burgers.
  3. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Yoshihiro Togashi and Naoko Takeuchi would be great to have at Otakon. I'd love to meet both of them.
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