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  1. Me and my friends will probably join the line around 7 or 7:30pm on Thursday. :3
  2. Nah, it's not stopping me from going. It's pretty much my only vacation this summer. Also, it's the only con I go to.
  3. I think there's a closer theatre to the con. There's a Landmark Theatres on President Street, which is only a couple blocks away. ^^
  4. GAH! I can't wait. It feels like forever, Lol. Will there be another Guess the Guest contest? I can't wait to find out who's going to be at Otakon! ^^
  5. Okay, I wasn't sure because I had heard of a couple of people who called the hotel directly for the Otakon block and they got some rooms reserved at the Otakon rate.
  6. 1. Bobobobobobobo- It made me want to rip my eyes out. 2. Linebarrels of Iron- I absoluely HATE the main character. I tried watching the first 4 episodes and I almost punched my computer in frustration, but I did shake my monitor. 3. Code Geass- I just never got into it and I also agree that most of the characters are jerks.
  7. Due to the new reservation system for the hotels I have a question. Are the whole Otakon blocks reserved to the reservation system and then those people go into the blocks right? What if you reserve directly at the hotel under the Otakon block, but on the reservation site it's sold out? Does that mean that those were open or that all of the rooms are still open due to the reservation system hasn't booked over the rooms yet, since they're not brought over until July? I am sorry if this sounds like a stupid quesion.
  8. One thing I would absolutely love to see in the Dealer's room is the music box from Elfen Lied. I would die, Lol.
  9. For the Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore, When I called a couple of days ago they said the Otakon block was sold out. I think it was for just Sunday, but I'm not sure...
  10. I'd like to see a panel on how to dub. I know they're having one at the con in Philadelphia, but I think I'd still be cool to see one at Otakon.
  11. Sadly, I have to drive from WV to Baltimore. It's not too long though. It could definitely be worse, Lol.
  12. I hope the Sheraton Baltimore's rates come out soon. Since, Radisson is sold out.
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