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  1. I managed to not spend every penny to my name this year... always next year...
  2. Otakon attendance statistics also posted on Otakon's site. Which is likely the source for the Wikipedia page. https://www.otakon.com/info/about/stats/
  3. I think the biggest problem I had with this years game show was expectations. The guidebook entry didn't have a description for the event only the name "Otakon Gameshow" which one would naturally expect to be like previous "Otakon Gameshow". I think just adding the description "Let's make a deal at Otakon" would've helped so people would know to expect Let's Make a Deal rather than Jeopardy.
  4. I see that the Otakon game show is on the schedule this year after being missing for a couple years. However I don't see the gameshow qualifier sessions that historically has taken place a few hours before the actual game show. Is this a different game from years past? I do hope they aren't just randomly going to pull people from the audience...
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