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  1. Budget so far: Hotel+registration: 250.00 Food+Drinks: 100.00 Gas: 50.00+ Spending Money: 300.00-400.00. Doubt I'll even spend the three hundred in the DR, but AA last year had me spending more then I thought. Right now, there's only three of us in my room. If we get a fourth, hotel will drop nicely. Also, Congrats RLP! Hope to see you in Baltimore!
  2. Live Action: Iron King Densha Otaku (Television series, please!) Animated: Macross Frontier Black Jack Otaku No Video(it wouldn't be Otakon without at least one showing of this) Ringing Bell (I'd prefer subbed, but I've never been able to track it down, so, dubbed would be fine) Toward the Terra Lost Universe Slayers Devil Hunter Yohko Bubblegum Crisis Green Legend Ran Robot Carnival I'd keep going..but I have work in the morning.
  3. Well, since we're just spitballing here.. Classics: Gunsmith Cats Riding Bean Tank Police Bubblegum Crisis Project A-ko Newer Stuff: Hell Girl Macross Frontier Also..and this is just something I've always wanted to see..a subbed version of Ringing Bell by Sanrio. Its the darkest kids' movie I've ever seen in my life and its absolutely fantastic nostalgia.
  4. Hotel Room was divided by 4 people, each one of us paid: $175.00 Otakon Memberships: $65.00x 2= $130.00(I paid for my girl's membership) Food and whatnot bought before Otakon: 0.00 We each brought something from a list, and the stuff I brought was laying around the house. Food bought during Otakon: About 60.00. We had a free breakfast buffet at our hotel, so only really bought dinner. Gas: $20.00 per person got us to and back from Otakon. Grand Total before buying stuff at Otakon: 385.00. Not bad..considering I paid nearly that for a just hotel room in previous years.
  5. Since I live right outside of Philadelphia, I didn't have any problems jumping on the new room reservation website and ordering a room on sunday when I got home from the convention. Truthfully, I wouldn't mind either way. I'm starting a job where even if the three other people who come to Otakon didn't want to go, I could still afford the room I reserved by myself. But, I know for a fact that one of them is coming..but we'd still only use one bed. Worst case scenario is that only the two of us are confirmed until the week or so before the convention. I'm sure one of my other friends wou
  6. Place I stayed: Residence Inn Marriott Number of people in room: 4 Hotel Staff: The hotel staff were nothing but courteous to us during our stay. The few times we had to deal with them were pleasant enough. There was an issue with my bill, which is described below, but it was fixed in a matter of minutes before we checked out. They answered all our questions, and were very curious about the convention. No idea about the cleaning staff though. We didn't use them at all during our stay. We cleaned the room ourselves and just recycled towels. Walk to the con center: Between 4 and
  7. Artist's Alley Schwag: Print of Felicia from Darkstalkers Print of Sora from Kingdom Hearts Print of Hitman:Reborn characters(a gift for someone) chibi pins of: Ash from Army of Darkness/Evil Dead, Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro, Luigi from Mario Bros, Girl Ranma from Ranma 1/2. Chibi stickers of the Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon and a Totoro sticker as well. Poster/print of the secondary characters from Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Dealer's Room: Revoltech figures of: YF-19 and YF-21 from Macross Plus. Zentraedi Battlepod from Robotech/Macross. Skull-1 from Robotech
  8. Thanks. ^^ Now the question is, does the PassKey confirmation number coincide with the confirmation number for the actual hotel reservation? Like if for some reason I needed to call the hotel directly and they ask for the confirmation number, would I be able to give them the PassKey confirmation number I was given?
  9. Doing the Holiday Inn myself..hopefully they don't wait until the July 9th to send out final confirmations, hehehe. Still, four people in one room for $150.00 a night? Hells yeah. Since we come down thursday, three days=$112.50 before fees and parking per person. I'm happy as heck.
  10. Glad you enjoyed your time at the convention! I had a blast this year as well. Great times all around. I'm rabidly looking forward to next year, I've already booked our room for next year through the otakon website. Also, I tend to enjoy the lines as much as you seemed to. I had three constant companions, but still, we struck up random conversations with a lot of people and had great times. As for more conventions? Everything has already been listed for the surrounding areas, but if you're up near the Philadelphia area, there's a few small ones here and there. Zenkaikon in King of
  11. Hotel: $175.00 This is split between four people and its for thursday-sunday. Cheapest I've spent on a hotel so far. Otakon Registration: $65.00 because I was last minute. Food: $60.00 or so. We generally only eat a good meal on thursday, and the rest of the weekend eat out of whatever we brought down, but dinner during the con is usually fast food or cheap places. DR/AA: $300.00+ Last year I brought about the same and left with almost half. Although, in previous years I'd spent much more. Worse comes to worse, I'll hit a mac machine at some point. Gas: $30.00 split betwe
  12. I'm surprised I'm even going this year. We didn't get a hotel until today..and it was really cheap too, so yay! I'm going with my girlfriend(she went last year and it was only the two of us), my friend Sharkzilla(who hasn't missed an Otakon since 2000), and my other friend who went to 2005-2006. I'm surprised that we're all going though, as only myself and the girlfriend were the only people interested before this week. Looking forward to seeing all the Otaku again.
  13. My first year on thursday, we checked into the hotel around 2pm. Made dinner and snacks for the 6 of us ate up and left the room around 5:30..got in line, took less then an hour, surprisingly. Got back, played a little "Wizards" and I headed to the hotel pool for a quick swim before it closed. Got back to the room around 8 or 9, can't remember and we played more "Wizards" and discussed what everyone wanted to do on friday before turning in. I felt bad for falling asleep first, because I snore like a mofo', but I wore myself out in the pool, so I was happy to get to sleep. Second year, got
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