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  1. Regardless of the lack of prizes this year, it was still a very awesome competition and I am looking forward to trying again next year. It was alot of fun to meet so many cool people with such amazing costumes Dave
  2. I found out about the winners at around 3PM on Saturday when the list was posted outside the judging room. I enjoyed the whole process of the costume contest, and I'm insanely happy I was allowed to participate, since I had worried I might not be able to get in. It's not about the prizes, of course. I'm more than happy with the knowledge I got second place I just wanted to make sure I had been given the right information about the prize situation. Judging by your responces, it seems I was. Dave
  3. Hey all, I Cosplayed as the Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 this year. I won second place in the Journeyman Division for the Saturday Morning Costume Contest. Anyway, at the Fashion Show that night, I was told by a staffer that there are no prizes or certificates unless you got first place. Anyone know anything about this? Dave
  4. Anyone know if we should have heard back on preregistrations for this yet? Dave
  5. It definately helps. I thought it was an automated process. I didn't realize they had to sort through the apps by hand. Thanks Dave
  6. Thanks for the info! I have another quick question: I have registered for the Saturday Hall Costume Contest, but have not yet gotten a confirmation e-mail. Is it normal for it to take a few days to hear back? Dave
  7. I have a simple question about the Saturday Hall Costume Contest Fashion Show. Does this take place at the First Mariner Arena, like the Masquerade? If so, where exactly is this building located? Thank your for the info! Dave
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