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    Videogames<br /><br />Warhammer 40K<br /><br />Anime<br /><br />Books (I read, le gasp!)<br /><br />Role Playing Games

About Me

I am a college student and usually a fairly interesting person. I'm into games, anime, and most nerdy things that happen. I take pride in knowing what it means to roll a natural 20, the difference between a hobgoblin and a bugbear (they are related but not to bugs or bears,) also I'm very, very proud to say that I'm currently doing research into nanotechnology so...most days I'm smart.

I'm not big into the whole cosplay thing but I find it interesting and I've done some acting before so it isn't too much of a stretch for me. I'm doing my first actual cosplay as a Brotherhood of Nod soldier from the Command and Conquer series of video/computer games and as Todd Snap from Pokemon Snap and the Pokemon TV series. A strange grouping I know, but its what I'm happy with. I am a bit nervous about the entire thing but hopefully it will all go all go well.

"Gee Brain, what are we going to do tonight?"

"The same thing we do every night Pinky, and twice on Wednesdays, try to take over the world!"

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