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  1. I ate there twice during Otakon and both times they were nice. The food was good, the line moved fast, and they weren't too crowded both times. I will probably eat there again next year, if they're still around.
  2. Yes, I saw him. I wouldn't say spitting image, but did look an awful lot like David Tennant. I even made a comment to my girlfriend to that effect; she agreed.
  3. I think a picture of a water taxi or some other boat full of cosplayers would be pretty amusing. But like you said, it would put the costumes at risk. Chances are the pictures would come out better during daylight, too.
  4. I thought it was titled "You Are Not Awake".
  5. I don't believe it has been licensed in the US yet, but there were two groups fansubbing it. One has finished, the other has not. I watched the first five or six episodes of it. I found the premise slightly farfetched, but I still enjoyed watching it.
  6. I will probably be there as a volunteer, and most likely slaving away in the registration department. I live near DC, so I won't be staying at the hotel.
  7. http://en.florensia-online.com/
  8. While we're on the subject of an Ota-store, what other kinds of things would people like to see? I was thinking a full set of badges for a year (only to be sold after the con, of course) might interest people, especially if it was packaged nicely...
  9. I could've sworn I heard some music from Naruto after Kosuke Kitajima won the 200m breast stroke final. Did anyone else happen to notice it? It was pretty faint.
  10. On that note, another highlight for me for the con was seeing the number of people who followed the oft-repeated advice to not line up early for pre-reg.
  11. This is probably kind of goofy, but there were really two highlights for me: 1) hearing we pushed more than 8,900 people through pre-reg Thursday night, and we had over 26,000 registrations overall, and 2) seeing the convention center go from completely empty Thursday morning, to being chock full o' people over the weekend, and then back to empty Sunday afternoon
  12. evilm00

    Badge Designs

    This is what I remember from working in registration: 1 - Vega from Street Fighter II 2 - Otakon mascots in front of a time machine 3 - Otakon mascots having time traveled back to the past 4 - 5 - Kimba ? 6 - 7 - Lucky Star 8 - Rose from Street Fighter Alpha 9 - Ed and Al from Full Metal Alchemist 10 - Gundam 00 11 - Romeo X Juliet 12 - Code Geass
  13. At the risk of incurring the wrath of the off-topic gods, I saw this thread and it made me think of this: http://www.overcompensating.com/posts/20080807.html
  14. If I can't sleep tonight, it's going to be due to sharing a queen-size bed with someone, not because of Otakon over-enthusiasm. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited, but I know I'll be a mess tomorrow if I don't get enough sleep tonight.
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