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  1. Hey, where'd you get such a nice room? Yep, that's exactly right, down to the mini-fridge and TV, albeit freshly redecorated and nicely made up. You aren't going to get more than two in each of those beds comfortably, let me tell you that, unless you're all midgets. If I were, say, under hurricane evacuation conditions, I could put one at the foot of each bed, one between the beds, and maybe one beside the other bed, with all the stuff piled beside the other bed and beside the door behind the photographer where there's a coat rack. Bathroom is behind the photographer to the left
  2. I've stayed both places on business. They are almost opposite ends of the spectrum. It primarily depends on what in heck you mean by "comfortably". If you were to apply military camping standards, or put four in a bed (hope you're REALLY friendly!), someone on the floor beside each bed, someone in the bathroom, two on the floor in front of the beds...... but now that leaves you no room for the luggage, loot, cosplay supplies, laptop, etc., and no way to go to the bathroom at night without stepping on someone. Frankly, in our department (Radio Ops) with our stuff (footlocker and a smal
  3. To anyone who has stayed at the Days Inn: how many people could you comfortably fit into a 2 double bed room? For reference we stayed at the Intercontinental Harbor Court last year and fit 10 in with probably a person to spare.
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