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  1. I'm excited to be cosplaying as Todd Snap because it will also give me an excuse to take pictures of other cosplayers and to actually get a nice camera.

    OMG WAT D: You mean Todd Snap from Pokemon Snap, I'm assuming? That is seriously one of my favourite Pokemon games ever. I love it <3 I have one of the Snap Stations sitting a few feet away from me right now... :P /derp!

    ..ahem! orz;;; This will be my first time going to Otakon! I've never been to MD, either. It's just a joyful bundle of new experiences all around. e_e;;

    Name: Sam! (The exclamation point is not actually part of my name... but that'd be sweet...)

    Age: 19

    Cosplaying As: Konoe (Lamento ~Beyond the Void~), Hunter (Left 4 Dead), partial tree roo fursuit

    Interests: Yaoi, video games, stupidly homoerotic fanfiction, Godzilla & other monsters <3, animated movies, acting like a derp with mah homies, etc.

    Hobbies: I write a lot. I draw from time to time -- not as much as I used to; nothing more than menial doodles nowadays, really. I'm currently part of a team working on translating Lamento into English. <3

    Anything extra: I am terribly painfully shy and very awkward. I have a hard time approaching people to even compliment them on their costumes... but I love making friends and talking to people -- I'm just awful at initiating it. But I would really love to meet people and maybe hang out if that's okay orz; I don't have many (if any) close friends that like anime, so I'm kind of alone over here anyway. :c

    The largest con I've been to thus far is only maybe a fourth of the size of Otakon, and I don't do terribly well around huge crowds, but I hope I'll be okay. XD I'm still excited and ready to go! <3

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