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  1. Yes they do. Just remember that it's going to be a hot and humid Baltimore day - don't cosplay something that's going to keep you really warm and PLEASE drink lots of water. I'd really prefer to not have a repeat of a few years ago when we had 30+ people pass out from heat exhaustion in line on Thursday.
  2. I'm not going to comment about the "hug me" shirts since I don't know what SpecOps is going to be doing about them this year, but at the very least you're going to get nasty looks for wearing one. As for the pre-reg line, it's been open till 10pm for the last 4 years so I'd expect it to be the same again this year. We've also cleared the entire line before 10p for the last 4 years, so I wouldn't worry about not getting your badge on Thurs.
  3. Cant Sleep...con will eat me... So much work to do, so little time!
  4. AUSA and Katsucon ran their dances til sometime around 3am these past ones. Putting on my AUSA and Katsu staff hat for a second, neither of those dances were scheduled to run that late. AUSA's was pushed back a number of hours due to an issue with the band, and at Katsu the DJ decided to keep playing past the scheduled ending time. IIRC, if they'd both ended as planned, they would have been over around 2am. I would not expect to see either of those situations happen at Otakon for a ton of reasons.
  5. Just a quick note: if you guys are planning on meeting somewhere within the con (e.g. anywhere inside the BCC or an Otakon/public space in the Hilton), I wouldn't plan on forcibly excluding anyone. The only reasons why people get turned out of any room at Otakon is 1) they don't have a badge, 2) the room is full. People are asked to move from public areas if they're causing traffic problems. Someone with no interest in AMVs probably would be completely out of place and wasting their time at the AMV meetup, but if you can't kick them out just because they don't make AMVs.
  6. He was a very special situation. He'd pre-reged for Otakon before he found out that he was deploying the Friday of con. So he stood in line to get his badge and have some sort of con experience before he had to leave. He was a really nice guy, I talked to him for a while on Thursday. Actually, that's what he did in 2007. In 2008 he actually was there for the whole con and gofered it too! That's dedication. o.O Woops, I got my years mixed. Things start to blur from one year to another sometimes.
  7. He was a very special situation. He'd pre-reged for Otakon before he found out that he was deploying the Friday of con. So he stood in line to get his badge and have some sort of con experience before he had to leave. He was a really nice guy, I talked to him for a while on Thursday.
  8. You should be hearing back soon. I'll see if I can prod the right people into sending something back.
  9. Sorry for replying late, this thread got buried. Where did you send the followup email?
  10. Sorry for the late reply, this thread got buried. Akicafe is correct, usually Otakon will not release its archive footage to the general public for a number of reasons. You're still welcome to contact the Archive department, though. The best way to do so is to use the Contact Us page on the Otakon site and send a message to General Information. Thanks for asking.
  11. Otakon had about 26k attendees last year and Katsu had about 7k, making Otakon just under 4 times as large.
  12. I left my car at the Warren Rd. lightrail station all weekend last year and didn't have a problem. You should be fine.
  13. I'm not on Dance staff, so this is in no way an official opinion Just remember that there's a lot more to take in to account than the BCC closing down when we figure out when the dance will close. You have to remember that the staff needs to sleep eventually. Even though a good number of Dance staffers work excluively for that department, they are still heavily supplimented by SpecOps staffers who have been working 8+ hours by the time the dance usually closes. Plus we need to make sure that we can provide enough water to keep you guys from passing out on us and the longer the dance go
  14. I have an Otakon polo and 2 button down shirts that I'll wear around, but I don't wear my staff shirts to non-Otakon things because there's always someone who tries to play 20 questions with me about everything from the weapons policy to the guests to when pre-reg is opening. I love talking about the con, but </3 interrogations.
  15. This is one of those things that's fine to do in an area which is out of the way. The area around the fountains is not a good area for something like this due to the number of people around (plus it's a stone floor and people playing Twister are prone to falling...those two don't tend to mix very well). I can't promise that any one area would be alright for this, it all depends on how the traffic patterns play out at con, but if you look on the 400 level you should be able to find an empty corner. If you're looking for an official green light from the staff for this, it won't happen; me
  16. The people in charge of Otaku Idol have you submit "audition" recordings and they pick who the contestants will be. At least that's how it worked in the past . There isn't any info released for this year's Otaku Idol yet, so there's no promise that this is how things will work this year too. As soon as we have the info for you it'll be posted on the Otakon news page and RSS feed.
  17. I'm not involved with the programming side of the con so I can't talk about the reasons why, but the Hi-def theater replaced 35mm last year. I'm not sure if that was a permanent change or something just for last year.
  18. You're allowed to post more than one set of suggestions, there's nothing wrong with that. Attendee input is always appreciated
  19. There's a really simple solution to the line problem...don't get in line hours ahead of events and spread the message to everyone you can. The only real way for the staff to deal with the problem is to be mean and tell people who are in line before a certain point that they need to leave, and I don't think that anyone really wants to go there. It's really something that needs to be dealt with by the members themselves because if people didn't start lines way too early then there'd be no need to get in line really early to make sure that you could get a seat.
  20. I highly doubt that Otakon will ever make a video of the masquerade available for the general public due to copyright issues. What we do at the masquerade is ok according to our lawyer, but distributing it would cause a massive headache.
  21. When the rules are ready, they'll be posted. I wouldn't assume anything until you see the rules.
  22. Will we be allowed to make suggestions for the event, or no? You're always welcome to submit suggestions to the programming department (the best way is to use the Contact Us page on the Otakon website), but if you're suggesting radical changes then it may be too late to make them happen for the 09 con because of how far along we are in planning the con.
  23. I am curious what happened at the sushi meet up? Please take that discussion to PMs or another thread.
  24. Please keep the thread to suggestions only. If you'd like to comment on someone else's suggestion please start a new thread.
  25. oooh i would LOVE for there to be a yaoi room - all yaoi all the time Also, they could stray off from FULL OUT Yaoi to a more... 'dumbed down' yaoi. I believe Loveless would be a good example of this. *laughs* I can see a little kid looking up at their mother and asking her to watch this movie... and as they enter they find themselves viewing yaoi/yuri. AH, how fun. <off topic> That's why we make sure that people going in to the 18+ programming are, in fact, 18+. </off topic>
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