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  1. That didn't quite seem professional or informative enough for me. If he had even said something like "Sorry the tickets were all gone" and lied about it I would never have known and would have been satisfied. Ok, maybe upset that I missed out on it, but not pissed off by some 2 bit ambiguous answer.

    you got the correct answer for your form of question. your question was vague so therefore the answer was vague

  2. I didn't get a call from them as of yet, and now that I see how the room rates had changed drastically, I'm glad I reserved a room at the Radisson again this year. It's only $10 dollars more than last year, but still waaaaay cheaper.

  3. Speaking of which, every time I called up the hotel to make a reservation I was told those dates aren't in the system, but I figured it couldn't be any worse and called the reservation line and got 2 king rooms with no problem at very decent prices... it seems like there's a lack of communication lately...

    Anyways, someone mentioned the radison in a different thread I'm not sure, are there any big ups or down there or nothing worth mentioning?

  4. If anyone doesn't know already, anyone who tried to reserve a room at Days Inn are put on a waiting list.

    It's a small list, but either way... They said they'd call when the room is available.

    Anyone else sign up?

  5. I heard from my cousin who was at the Con Feedback session that the Days Inn will start taking reservations August 15th for next year. Is this info correct or can anyone give me any more info on hotels for next year? Thank you!
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