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  1. Out of all the stupid things you can do at Otakon...

    got it walking into a public building that is having some kind of event with no knowledge of anything that is going on is perfectly fine because you want to take pictures. Even though others may be wandering but they at least they know the name of the event. Got it your right im wrong sorry
  2. Out of all the stupid things you can do at Otakon...

    Cosplayers deal with enough idiots a attention whore like him should be making people react to x videos or something not bothering people who paid money to have fun.
  3. Out of all the stupid things you can do at Otakon...

    So why didnt he ask someone if he was so lost? Instead of wandering around without a clue. fun fact if im lost i ask people where to go, those people wearing staff shirts are actually staff and are required to know
  4. Out of all the stupid things you can do at Otakon...

    The reason im more on the unfriendly side towards what he did is simply i have a seriously hard time believing he just wandered in without a clue. over 20,000 people could have told him what was up and information booths are scattered around. plus the badges he must have spotted at some point. I dont believe the oh he just was wandering in dont be harsh. In this day and age to be completely unaware of what a convention is doesnt fly with me. Conventions are popping up for literally everything and just the concept in general is not foreign at all. He plays league well esport conventions are a thing with the same general principle. Also the fact if you check out his other videos alot of them HAVE EVERYTHING CAPS IN THERE TITLE. If that isnt the calling card of attention whore i dont know what is. Simply put if he was there for photographs he didnt need to go inside the con at all. Between outside and the marriot lobby more then enough to get a clue before wandering in. Hey where are you going dressed like that it looks awesome! oh theres a anime con in the convetion center. do i need a badge or something? Also stating he has a asian fetish literally 2 min in kills any of the oh but he was just there for photos theory. plus god knows what else
  5. Out of all the stupid things you can do at Otakon...

    i call bs on him not knowing about badge any entrance is staffed by a staffer saying or holding something asking for badge. I stand by the he is a youtube tool statement
  6. Number of attendees?

    honestly i think its gonna be around 23 to 26000 because the at door badges were colored differently. i saw ALOT of different colored badges from mine i had mailed to me.
  7. Out of all the stupid things you can do at Otakon...

    this guy is wanna be youtube star and the worst kind at that. Just a schmuck who wants to go LOL LOOK IM IN WITH THE NERDS LOL LETS HAVE SOME LAUGHS. glad he got kicked out and should have been treated rougher. he would have gone out of his way to ruin peoples time at otakon because hes a desperate attention whore even with a badge would have been kicked out anyway..
  8. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    If people arnt happy with nothing to do at otakon why not make there own group event/panel or something? I see meet ups pop up all the time from regular people who want stuff to do. The general complaints seem to be someone has nothing to do because ota didnt provide it for reason x. Sooooooooooooooo why not contribute to giving people more things to do at ota? Volunteers and people are the life blood of any con big and small. Organize a meet up at a bar,restaurant outside some pokemon go hotspot or something. Not like its even that difficult anymore thanks to social media anyone can do it if they want to. Or if people just want otakon to magically wave a wand and address there specific issue they can wait until it happens.. Heck get together and make a panel about guests that dont show up at us conventions
  9. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    This sounds like venting because your personal needs arnt being catered to by otakon. Also fun fact seiyuu are not the only people of interest involved with anime
  10. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    I was referring to cons in general not solely otakon. Hence why i brought up anime expo as a example. Also as i stated otakon isnt the biggest by almost 70,000 people. How can the 2nd to 3rd best get the same guests the biggest and best can? So otakon will most likely not get a large chunk of anime expos people for obvious reasons. Clearly there are going to be some missing faces at otakon just like going into the same area gets you the same monsters to fight. Otakon is the only big convention i attend i have 2 smaller ones in the city to visit. I understand what you mean by otakon doesn't get all the guests. But we dont know how expensive they are or if there only allowed one con overseas to show up at. The person usually has someone making there schedule. Until otakon comes close to 100,000 there will always be a big difference sadly. there is so much at anime expo i want to see and meet. But i simply cant because it requires a plane trip and a hotel plus con expenses. Even if its a weak year for ota thats fine with me i still find plenty to do or just hang out and meet new people. Cons dont grow through neglect If you dont want to go thats fine but if the numbers dont grow neither will the main attractions. The new york con i visit liberty city anime con was so tiny and sad its first year. But ive been going to every one and every year its gotten larger and larger and moved to a new location each time. This is gonna be its 3rd year and 3rd new location to accommodate its growth, Hopefully the trend will continue and they can start pulling in some of the big boys. And for the record i have been every year nonstop since 2005 for otakon. Ive seen some of the huge names theve gotten and have noticed the drops in people attending and mega stars.
  11. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    Yes it does because there is only x amount of guests that go the us. So eventually you will see all if not most of the ones that come here. I understand people want to see new guests but i dont understand how just saying you want new guests is going to make that happen. If certain people come here and certain people dont there is a certain number of people to see. When you see the majority of the number that come here you will see alot of repeats Just like any video game eventually gives you duplicate items when you've got enough of them.
  12. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    We have a seiyuu announced that is extremely new and a few english vas that havnt been in a few years. But people will still say something obviously im noticing a pattern in alot of those who express disappointment and thats they have seen them before. And thats the problem with people who routinely attend cons there is only so much talent available and only so many times certain people are available. Anyone who is incredibly popular right now has a schedule to do first and foremost. And some just dont like to attend cons in general. Doing pr comes second and if it is done its not going to be otakon first despite it being pretty big. There gonna be at anime expo obviously which had around 100,000 i think and otakon peaked somewhere in the 32,000-35,00 range. and that shows in anime expos HORRID lines this year. And thats the problem im noticing anime expo is the anime equivalent of comic con at this point. You want the best a american con has to offer you go there obviously. And fight the hordes of humanity for a chance to see the big names. Otakon makes the best out of what it gets and was on the track to start getting anime expo big. But the bcc stunted its growth badly due to space limits and the unfortunate riots in baltimore so now is the time to at least give them a a year or 2 the more money and people means the higher chance they can get the heavy hitters. I stand by the wait for them to at least adjust to there new surroundings then see if they still put a lackluster show together.
  13. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    ive heard this a few times and i think your expecting too much out of a mostly volunteer based organization. We have no idea how much of there resources went towards getting everything ready for the move and setting up for one of the bigger cons in a brand new location. They already are doing better then last year if anyone remembers how late they were in announcing guests. Give them at least one year in dc and see what changes.
  14. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    Stop spamming requests please