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  1. the choices are low i became so used to just ordering a bunch of food and stuffing it into the hotel room fridge that it does slip my mind choices are slim. As was stated earlier latest is usually 9 something then good luck besides the nearby 7 11 for food.
  2. Oh also always have at least 100$ in cash or some cash separately stored somewhere in case something goes wrong. Cause again most people lose there means to eat when they lose there wallet. And if that happens the cheapest ways to eat dont always take cards unless there is a minimum.
  3. Try to bring a friend or have a friend attending also so you have a safety net. You might lose a wallet or the hotel might screw you over which has happened multiple times to me in the past. And knowing another person makes life easier knowing your entire trip didnt just get flushed down the crapper. And just for general safety especially if you have a medical condition that doesnt warrant a special access badge. Ie you have blood sugar problems or you are starving but cant leave your spot in line to go eat and avoid passing out. Had that happen to one of my friends when he was on the line for crispin freeman. And luckily the staff and the people are otakon are some of the best because they are all your brothers and sisters and mostly will help a nerd in need. I told one of the staff he let me get close to the line told the closest nerd my friends situation said pass it down so it could reach him in the middle.