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  1. Something Clever

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    if they want to request vic then they would be aware of his work to some degree yes? no one requests someone there not aware of. Considering vic got fired from funi and rooster AND theres the go fund me about him AND the articles posted on multiple websites AND the multiple cons who cancelled on him AND the youtube videos Your honestly going to believe someone who is a fan of vics is completely oblivious to the situation hes in? Ignoring the fact that a dead account was brought back solely to request vic which is itself is a strong case. make a sticky explain whats goling so every now and then someone doesnt go What did i do.what did vic do etc? Someone explains So i dont believe it and then repeat
  2. Something Clever

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    please stop feeding the trolls everyone knows what vic did at this point. they just dont care and will keep doing this every chance they get. Can a mod please make a sticky or something regarding vic? this is utterly stupid and pointless and will only get worse and waste peoples time. More and more vics cult is gonna come here ask for vic pretend to not understand derail the thread for a while rinse and repeat. its already playing out like i said it would @Tsuki@KellyMae
  3. Something Clever

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    just ignore them giving them attention just makes them more likely to be active. he hasnt posted since 2011 2012 ignore him and hell hopefully go away or the mods will deal with him
  4. But what about you saying your a victim? still havnt explained the reasoning behind that and keep saying the same stuff over and over again like you just want the last word when you could have stopped responding ages ago,
  5. So then ill ask again if its none of peoples business why bring it up? Literally no reason to mention it and still havnt given me a reason why How is it unfair for someone not having to pay for court fees and someone has to pay there own? Vic doesnt thave to pay anything yet his accusers have to pay seems like its unfair towards the accusers.
  6. So you didnt get falsely accused then or is your story changing now to i have experience but it might not be personal.? And people raised over 100,000$ for vic and nothing for his accusers how does he not have an advantage? The people who accused vic have to pay there own legal fees. And nobody else is claiming there a victim on here so i dont have case numbers
  7. Then why mention your a victim if you didnt want to talk about it? you specifically mentioned your a victim but why say that if its something you dont want to discuss?
  8. Because your a victim and demand evidence from people naturally you want to set a example
  9. So your avoiding the questions because your innocent and not lying? Give me the lawyers name surely you can do that at least i cant get anything from him no matter what so it should be safe right?
  10. then you must have a case number or something or at least say what state it was in. post a few numbers or a screenshot of something then. because you clearly have proof
  11. So if you were falsely accused why not take it to court then? why just be a victim and do nothing? start a campaign to raise funds to get justice
  12. so if you dont want to provide personal information then why should the people who accuse vic? either do what you tell others or stop lying
  13. the pro vic supporters are issuing death threats so there just as hateful
  14. Can you prove you were falsely accused? If not your basically asking us to believe you with no evidence which is whats happening with vic. Also provide articles or evidence about these other people who were accused if they were also innocent
  15. it wont happen vics already been uninvited from most if not all big cons. smaller ones will have him but dont count on seeing him much anymore. ill give you credit your at least being a rational person in terms of whats going on. If most of vics fanbase acted the way you are things wouldnt be so bad. But you have to look at it from any big events point of view. Take a possible hit in attendance for not inviting vic. Against making a huge public relations headache and security nightmare by inviting him to any big venue. Alot of vics fans are making him out to be jesus christ and to give them a reason to show up is asking for a problem. Say one of vics cult members overhears someone talking badly about there savior? yeah things would spiral out of control rapidly and the rent a security most cons have is not enough to stop any major acts of violence. And if ota gets a bad rep because of any one of these or another incident there gonna have a tough time convincing guests to show up. Heck with the way things are any women vas or talent would probably think twice about agreeing to a con that lets people currently under fire for sexual assault be a guest. Vics fans are doing way more harm then good