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  1. Something Clever

    Any other cons...?

    I try to support my local cons as much as possible these are all new york city based Liberty city anime con( pretty small compared to otakon) Anime nyc which i missed its first year due to medical issues but i heard its attendance was 20,000. im making it a personal issue to make it this year. And the newest one its anime fest which seems to be a offshoot from comic con for the anime nerds. more specifically comic con seems to have absorbed it but im guessing cause of how crowded cc is they spit it back out to help with the crowds.
  2. Something Clever

    [Otakon News]Otakon 2019 Hotel Block Update

    is the staff to blame no of course not. is otakon to blame for having 20+ years of experience related to problems and have no rules for dealing with stuff like this in a timely matter. yes absolutely im banging on about the fact that there doesnt seem to be any central rule or anything to handle problems. This isnt the first time and the fact there doesnt seem to be a general code of conduct for problem solving and pr control is amazing to me. Otakon has had 20 years to have something by now and the best seems to be slap a piece of tape over it and move on. ota has such a huge pool of staff even though being volunteer i highly doubt they all operate on the same exact schedule. there isnt one master key needed to access the ota facebook,twitter etc at least a few people should be on hand for when something breaks. And also lets be real things breaking that otakon isnt responsible for is literally otas trademark at this point. So as i said this whole if anyone is around to do something just adds insult to injury you guys should expect something to break that your involved with at this point. The fire alarm getting pulled on year and the whole con being evacuated The many many many years of line jackassery due to outside sources misinformation and so the con flooding along with a few marriot rooms And im supposed to not criticize the crap out of ota for treating this like the other times never happened. Nah volunteer or not that doesnt make a bit of sense and ill continue to vocally criticize until i see people saying yes x broke but we followed plan x and handled it to our best abilities or something along those lines. Not well dave frank and kim were all at work so mark gave it a shot didnt work so we just waited till the guy who knew our social media password got home
  3. Something Clever

    [Otakon News]Otakon 2019 Hotel Block Update

    otakon could have responded within the hour saying hey we are aware that there is a problem. not hours after the fact cause not everyone knows to go here to figure out whats going on. Not expecting them to wave a magic wand i expect some form of communication in the age of instant communication. instead of people running around trying the site people would have known oh the sites dead guess ill use the phone. instead of running around using every device and wi fi connection they have and missing the hotel completely. Had i not known to rush to the forum i would have done the same and missed the marriot entirely. i literally got one of 2 rooms left when i booked via normal rates
  4. Something Clever

    [Otakon News]Otakon 2019 Hotel Block Update

    if the reservation system didnt work properly work with experient to try to reset the reservation system so everyone has a fair shot. or if there is a problem that they notice for next time have some kind of policy where if a problem is spotted nullify all reservations. or at least work with the hotel to guarantee that if a problem arises and someone is forced to book via the normal rates. and at some point down the road they can get a con rated room allow them to cancel without being charged. Cause marriot marquis does that which is why the whole call experient thing was a god damn joke. considering if by some miracle you manage to get a room you would have to fight tooth and nail to not get charged for full room anyway
  5. Something Clever

    [Otakon News]Otakon 2019 Hotel Block Update

    The thing that probably grinds me the most is the it is what it is too bad result of all of these issues. There is no consolation prize no nothing its just you got screwed oh well and we never see any tangible fix appear to ensure it doesnt happen again. Because this isnt the exact issue but this isnt the first time weve had issues with this hotel portal. i remember a few otas back people were able to access the hotel portal early by just changing a number in the url. and therefore so many got screwed out of a room like now and like now oh well tough ----. That is kinda the core complaint that is making me less and less thrilled to deal with otakon. The first time it happened a plan should have been thought of to protect the ones who got screwed over. so if something like today happened people wouldnt get a kick in the junk a pat on the back and thats it. But nah same with the lack of communication the same core problem in a different wrapper keeps coming up and otakon keeps coming up with nothing to address it again in the future. This isnt otas first year or first time something didnt work so that whole were working on it excuse feels like a insult to me. This isnt the first time the hotel reservation system got borked and there should be someway for those affected to have something. This isnt amazon losing a $20 package this is either hours of someones life or a large chunk of money or someones happiness because they couldnt swing the sudden expense and had to stay home or a cancelled panel etc. The issue can be explained in excruciating detail but doesnt change the fact is it wasnt addressed the first time and i hear the same excuse the second time. So when the inevitable 3rd time happens nothing is going be changed so the end result is someone is gonna be left unhappy ota gives a technical reason and thats it.
  6. Something Clever

    [Otakon News]Otakon 2019 Hotel Block Update

    And? that doesnt change anything. otakon still was silent and said nothing for hours. because they are turning into the shitty person in a abusive relationship swearing they will change and doing the same thing again again and again.
  7. Something Clever

    [Otakon News]Otakon 2019 Hotel Block Update

    there is so much good will one can cash in before even the most devoted get tired. I am honestly now getting that tired because this happens literally every year and i see nothing being done. and now i have options i could spend $2500 and 5 hour drive or wait until october and november and spend a total of $100 and a 20 min train ride to a almost identical con. im hoping this was it for the remainder of ota if not i hope enough of my friends end up going next year to force me to go.
  8. Something Clever

    [Otakon News]Otakon 2019 Hotel Block Update

    a big event tied to otakon has some unforeseen problem and all information channels tied to otakon are silent. and its up to the unfortunate people affected to figure it out and a solution by themselves. Im pointing out the fact once again people are left in the dark and otakon doesnt do anything to keep us updated. not even expecting them to fix it they had at this point almost 2 and a half hours to say were aware of the problem. if they cant do that tiny bit its far worse then i thought. And i would be far less frustrated if i didnt see the exact same scenario play out again for the 50th time.
  9. Something Clever

    [Otakon News]Otakon 2019 Hotel Block Update

    the people who answer that number are the definition of useless basically were screwed is the answer i got Honestly half considering just not going this year if this is any indication of how things are gonna be, lack of information is one thing costing me 800 extra dollars is kinda where i start to draw the line. No official response by otakon at all within the hour it happened. dont expect anything of value from them except a sorry and thats it tough luck your expected expenses just shot up by 800. So whats otakons excuse this time for not telling us? Oh right they care enough to listen but not enough to act on it.
  10. Something Clever

    [Otakon News]Otakon 2019 Hotel Block Update

    The screw ups keep getting earlier and earlier every year. cant even imagine how they could make this right considering they can barely even speak to us on a good day.
  11. Something Clever

    Otakon 2018: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    man i missed alot due to personal reasons but glad this is being discussed. As i said earlier in a thread that means what exactly? all of those accounts post nothing of actual value honestly. We dont care about giveaways,being funny,posting the latest anime gossip etc or basic con info that can be gotten anywhere. People would love to know why a panel flat out disappeared with no reason. And especially one that ota hyped the hell out of. We are refereed to as members according to otakon and as members we know precisely nothing about the goings on of our group. cept the finace part but even then i doubt we get the whole picture I find it inexcusable in this age of information and being able to share info instantly you cant do better. And as i said as someone who has deep ties to ota i refuse to accept what your saying as nothing less then you dont want to try better. Bump up the membership rate and hire a full time coordinator of event news and explain why the price went up was to hire someone for info relations. And hire someone whose sole job is making sure people know what the heck is going on. Heck raise it even more hire a full staff one to man a discord channel and for twitter etc. Or completely kill the matsuri event and funnel that towards paying someone to make you look good. If you are bound by legal reasons so be it but SOMETHING is better then what we have which is nothing. i wanted to attend the my hero academia 101 panel that vanished. And your instagram,twitter,facebook was completely useless for that. I found out through reddit that had zero ties to you about the why. If you can honestly say thats how you want to present yourself so be it but thats how you end up with nothing but youtubers for guests in the future.
  12. Something Clever

    Otakon stop being stupid

    This is not someone upset at otakon venting. This is a rant by a consecutive 13 year attendee who would rather not have stupid choices made by otakon be its death. The simple fact is otakon needs to be far more transparent with behind the scenes info. It's not hard to communicate info nowadays but ota almost refuses to do that to spite itself and rather have people be mad and not wanna go anymore. Random announcements on facebook trying to be cute or relaying useless information isnt what people want. i have trouble understanding why a con with such experience acts like they dont know what there doing half the time. otakon isnt trying to make a profit so i cant figure out why they cant communicate with us about anything. if there was a explanation its not easy to find at all. From the beginning of this year it took FOREVER to get any info about the hotels or even a statement. And even then the statement was along the lines of were working on it No explanation as to why the marriot wasnt used at all this year. Dbz panel being cancelled which is just inexcusable that the promo for it was played on every tv and you just went with a oh its cancelled now leave. the my hero academia panel just flat out disappearing cancelling the voice actors after dark with once again no real explanation. And so on And so on There is no real source of information at all for anything otakon does unless you get the i heard it from a guy who knows a guy or have to search the internet and maybe youll find a announcement but no explanation as to why. Otakon has serious history and should be using that to its advantage by talking to the fans and asking them to be understanding. Instead of just shrugging its shoulders have at least one person in charge of just keeping people updated on any big changes or events or something. all it takes is one tweet and people will be far less mad but no for whatever reason you would rather get everyone upset. And when you do tell us something we have the bare effing minimum of information. And there is plenty of competition now that in alot of cases have more appealing stuff for people. And otakon is still acting like its just them and they can get away with mistakes like this. In new york there is 3 anime cons now when just a few years ago there was nothing. one that is usually a few weeks after ota and one is october and another in november. Morty said it best Get your ---- together