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  1. Something Clever

    The Annual "Where to Eat for Otakon" videos

    found this site that highlights places that have been mentioned on tv https://www.tvfoodmaps.com/search/?searchlocation=801 Mt Vernon Pl NW, Washington, DC 20001
  2. Something Clever

    Join the Unofficial Otakon Discord Server!

    It just occurred to me so many times this could have come in handy. Hell last year when the artists alley got flooded, a few years back when the fire alarm got pulled and ota was evacuated. The many times panels got cancelled,the constant screw ups with the line that branded ota line con. The giant clusterfrick when the creator of hellsing was at ota. Seems really weird now that im thinking about this that a con run by volunteer staff that is non profit hasnt done this. Call it otaconcerns make it offcial and promote it like you would the guidebook app for info. And program a auto mod to take care of most of the work so that eliminates the need for humans mostly. considering ota seems to constantly run into bad luck almost every year now due to something this is how you get people to show up. We have the possible rally this year,the flood last year,the riots previously,and so on and so on Also official persons is a relic of the past everything is steering towards online social media so jump on the ship as soon as possible i say.
  3. Something Clever

    Join the Unofficial Otakon Discord Server!

    official or unofficial doesnt matter this should be advertised by otakon itself as much as possible. just because of all the concerns over the rally this seems like a good security measure if the rally does happen. everyone has a means to connect to the net nowadays discord is simple enough. so if people are away from the con hop on and ask if anybody is nearby x location if its late or you sense trouble. so if the rally does happen it would be a really stupid move by ota to not spam the news this exists to everyone as much as possible.
  4. Something Clever

    'White Civil Rights Rally' application approved for DC

    just lock this thread already
  5. Something Clever

    'White Civil Rights Rally' application approved for DC

    just because you know people who are going to the rally doesnt change the fact they are the problem You keep talking about us bothering them and never acknowledge the fact they could go and bother us. So the guy in charge of it gave his word so what? Does that mean several hundred people are going to all listen just because he gave his word? No it doesnt and all it takes is one extremist with a gun and a plan and we have at least a few dead no matter how much security. Thats the core issue is that nowadays its easy to cause mayhem and why we want the dates moved. But you keep talking about the otakon con goers like we are the threat to them. So answer me this what it a few people who attend the rally spot a con goer who is black,mexican,trans or someone else who they hate before the rally? So you can assure everyone they wont verbally assault them? Or if there a women sexually harass them? Or physically try to hurt someone? Or if there in the same hotel follow them around and make them feel scared and unsafe? And stop talking like the people are the rally havnt given us a reason to not want them around. I never here a news story about con goers holding torches and screaming about con pride and have a anti race view. But guess what i hear plenty of news story about the people in the rally. You try to spin this as a neutral issue where both sides share the blame but its not that way at all. We have never instigated violence or hate against another race and the rally people have. From what you posted you obviously have ties be it friends or whatever to the rally but that doesnt change who they are which are ugly close minded racists and in some cases modern day nazis.
  6. Something Clever

    'White Civil Rights Rally' application approved for DC

    just move the date is all we want honestly