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  1. why did you come back? Oh and thats basically the same video as earlier well same theme behind it. Also you constantly replying to everything i say when you could just ignore me post you video and leave makes it seem like your just a tad defensive if you must reply to everything i say which is unnecessary
  2. edit 2- i just saw the other video you posted that basically said the same exact rhetoric yeah i have my answer never mind. You believe the accused are victims of the big bad sjw boogyman not the people coming foward as victims got it.
  3. the main problem is the laws and courts dont change with the times. We should honestly try to make a social media version of law enforcement or something. Where if something like this happens or something very concerning gets posted report it to whoever so its there job so sift through accusations contact people confirm stories and deem it valid enough to pass it along to the courts or police. Would stop all of these people screaming about evidence or due process at least and reduce alot of the toxicity
  4. And honestly due to the toxic nature of fans woo boy are there gonna some fireworks for q&a sessions and autographs. Unless they wait long enough for the toxic people to move onto the next outrage
  5. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2019-02-14/dub-voice-actor-vic-mignogna-issues-statement-taking-time-to-recommit-to-god-seeking-help/.143423
  6. the problem is there isnt a halfway its either all or nothing which is a terrible way of deciding guilt. He didnt rape anyone as far as we know he seems to be either a naive handsy person who doesnt get personal space. Or a handsy pervert who knows where the line ends. No reason to immediately fire anyone just suspend them from employment while an investigation happens is how we should do things. report what you find and either re hire them after x or choose not to depending on the severity of what you find but tell the friggin public. Look at how toxic the situation is with his fans against the non fans which is because of how the current social media court operates. That scorched earth policy is what breeds such toxicity and what makes stuff like this such a clusterfrick. No middle ground exists and that is a key problem because the guilty use that to there advantage. By hiding behind charm,money,power etc and there fans the real truth gets buried so most just decide eh screw it set it all on fire. And then that just starts the whole friggin circus over again and again and again.
  7. not one of his fans just someone who believes there is such a thing as a middle ground.
  8. Make no mistake on my stance i believe him to be guilty at the moment but i dont believe in mob justice. When i said he shouldnt be fired was because to strip away everything before some hardcore evidence surfaced is unfair. Maybe he is just a naive idiot who doesnt understand personal space. or maybe he is smart enough to walk the line he knows he can get away with. He isnt a mega millionaire to my knowledge probably richer them most people but to kill his primary source of income without the smoking gun is going too far. He was already made a example of by rooster teeth firing him and all of his con appearances being cancelled. Which for what he is accused of is a fair sentence until some form of severe sexual assault evidence comes to light. People either want nothing to happen to him or want his head on a spear paraded around every anime con. Which i feel is a bit extreme until actual investigations happen or some new evidence comes to light. set a example and the ground work for horrible behaviour no longer being tolerated then make sure to crucify the right person.
  9. The anime/con.fandom community has held this drama in for almost 15+ years this is gonna be messy and never truly go away. This needs to be dragged out into the open no matter how ugly and drama filled it is. The fandom as a whole will be a better place once the dust is settled and the proverbial bodies of the fallen are buried. or just call it what it basically is which is #animemetoo
  10. Read the thread to find out or are you actually seriously questioning why a thread about a developing story is not closed? Or are you part of the risembol cult?
  11. The way i look at it is like this. We have a terrible awful history of treating women in general like inferior property and almost all cultures is guilty of it to some degree. To still side with hundreds of years of documented abuse by denying multiple claims doesnt make a damn lick of sense to me. People want to hold onto there world views and will fight tooth and nail to keep there bubble intact. No one wants to admit they are wrong and dig in despite there beliefs being horribly wrong. I choose to believe the accusations because i and society in general owe women that much. I pay attention to history and this is literally history in the making so i want to be standing on the right side of it. Cause nowadays your actions and words will follow you around for a lifetime.
  12. yeah someone always has to be the first on the frontlines to start the revolution. problem is they usually get the most abuse from the public even if they are right
  13. Something Clever

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    most likely said person is part of the risembol ranger cult that doesnt believe said accusations.
  14. I made my judgment based on the fact these rumors have been around vic since 2000 ish. If he honestly cared he would have made a statement and changed his attitude way before the fact. to say he was completely unaware is laughable but now that consequences are happening is when he suddenly starts the tearful apologies is what i call guilty to some degree. He shouldnt be completely cast out from his primary source of income because i doubt hes rich enough to be unemployed for years. he should lose some so at least that puts said behavior in check. unless a far more serious crime becomes apparent with evidence. And this is long overdue in our community for so many reasons. The sheer amount of horror stories from women are reason enough to treat every accusation as truth. all the times ive talked to any women i know who are active as cosplayers have a list of horror stories that could fuel a blog for years. the truly sad part is even non cosplayers have just as many stories of people pretending to professional photographers or some other lie to try to get them alone. burn it down and build it better is what we need to do for every aspect not just our culture. The rot is too deep to expect minor actions to work at this point.
  15. well thats really good to hear and that apology is absolute bs. i was afraid due to the nature of anime they would shrug this off due to him being a draw. But really glad to see the predators running out of places to hide from the light. as much fallout as this will cause i hope it starts a trend and we get as many of these people out in open. especially since they wield a scary amount of power with young people in the anime scene.