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  1. Yes, and this is the information I was looking for. I would like to know where they will be located. Im not in a wheelchair, but cant stand long, and walking get painful after a short period. I had the paths / places down for BCC, but am trying to avoid as much unnecessary pain as is possible with the move the DC The guide linked above was a good start, knowing that they provide 12 handicapped parking places helps a ton, now I know I cant drive in and have to look at taking metro since they also state : "There are over 3000 parking spaces in a three block radius of the facility" which means I have no chance of reasonable parking.
  2. Sent an email a few weeks ago, just sent another. Im starting to panic, I pre-plan all my movement to minimize my time on my feet. I still dont know if there is a handicapped badge pickup or where its located. Dont know if there are elvetors or escalators. Dont know if I will have to move against the flow of traffic to get to them. Any help would be appreciated
  3. Yea will there be an arcade or will it be a depressing wanna be room like that one year..........
  4. I was looking for the accessibility guide, but it 404's me ( ) I am trying to best prep myself for non stair traffic. Any chance on updated info?
  5. Since registration was brought up in here, and its a pet peeve of mine, sorry : Like I said don't bother with wasting your money But do NOT bring anything RC into DC, you are only asking for problems. Even if it were to be legal, you would be spending your convention time at the station explaining how it was legal instead of just having fun. Leave the RC toys at home and go have fun in DC
  6. DC is a no fly zone they dont play at all, and I will register my flying toys when I have to register my lego's. Ignore stupid laws, RC flying toys, up to 55lbs have a long history of safely operating in our NAS. None of my planes, helis, ornithopters, or quadrotors are, or will ever be registered.