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  1. Otakon 2017 Hotel Feedback

    I worked on that project and can confirm paper thin walls. City center, however seems to have gone to great lengths to provide acoustically separated rooms. Its just steel and concrete right now, but looks to be nice "on paper". This is not the normal thing for modern hotels, they normally "maximize usable space".
  2. Im an older guy, tend to skip the dance. Went in on saturday, and WOW what an awesome show. Proxxy and Lantern KILLED it. Just WOW! Stood up by the subs in the front and soaked in the glorious bass. Might be my otakon 2017 highlight. More of them next year please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Leave the Quadcopters at Home

    Its a stupid law that should be ignored, apples to apples in my view. I fly out front of my house, over the road almost every day. Have been doing so for well over 15 years now. I have taken countless numbers of kids and parents from the neighborhood on rides around the area. I will NEVER register my flying toys, and will keep playing with them. You punish morons for doing dumb things, not punish everyone for a moron doing dumb things. We had a moron drive his car into a crowd this weekend, if all cars had speed / acceleration governors interlocked to local laws this could have been avoided.......... If every citizen was required to wear an impact resistant bubble suit this could have been avoided ............ If all cars were self driving, and government controlled soo many lives could be saved....... Life has risk There is nothing you can say that will make me stop playing with my toys or register them with some government agency.
  4. Leave the Quadcopters at Home

    So when black people in the early part of the 1900 used "white only" water fountains, and broke the sacred gospel of the law,........................................ Yea stupid laws are to be ignored
  5. Leave the Quadcopters at Home

    Well the FAA's study seems to indicate otherwise. Here is fortune's report on it http://fortune.com/2017/04/29/drone-faa-head-crash-study/ Last fatality with a RC toy was in 2013, and it was the operator who was killed. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/07/nyregion/flying-model-aircraft-comes-under-scrutiny-after-fatal-accident-in-brooklyn-park.html All of these hobbies has a far greater death risk : Bungee Jumping. Scuba/Deep Sea Diving. ... Skydiving. ... Ski Jumping. ... Heli-Skiing. ... Cliff Diving/Base Jumping. ... Boxing. ... Summit/Rock Climbing. Last fatality for a car? 1 second ago. Hammers have more kills on record, so do butter knives.http://www.snopes.com/politics/guns/baseballbats.asp A quick search on youtube of "hold my beer" turns up items that are far more likely to cause harm to you or someone else. I can pull up thousands of car crash videos involving unknowing pedestrians, its an unsafe world. I know its easier to fear the unknown, but flying toys aren't the issue. All more laws will do is make more criminals, the "problem" wont be solved. Plenty of laws on the books already no need for more on this.
  6. Supermarket

    You can also use Jennys number for any store loyalty program anywhere in the US. Come on you know her number its 86753ohnieine just add the local prefix to it and your all set I use it everywhere and it always works
  7. Pro Tip: Parking

    Yes, but I am willing to pay a higher price in the dealer room to have it now. If im not going to have it now, no point in paying the higher price. My situation is a bit different. Im partially handicapped, walking and standing suck. If I were able to park a block away I would do it, but I cant seem to find anything closer than 4 or 5 blocks. So I plan on driving down parking at either greenbelt or college park and riding in with my kids. Think im probably going make them skip cosplay this year too, no where to stash stuff as the day gets longer and not shure how it would fit onto the metro, we have never taken it before.. I only started looking into parking recently, assuming there would be tons of it real close like in baltimore.
  8. Pro Tip: Parking

    If I have to add in the price it takes to ship it to myself, might as well just buy it online and pay far less with shipping. Bag checks kill the want to carry anything around, not even bringing a camera this year.
  9. Pro Tip: Parking

    I am going to attempt to take metro in. This will be the first time I wont be able to buy anything at otakon. I cant carry the stuff around with me, and with parking being blocks away thats not a viable solution. Sorry merchants, I was one of the "suckers" that spent a ton of cash down there. Usually spent between 500 and 1000 over the course of the event. Might not even bother going down this time.
  10. Accessability guide?

    Thank you all for the information and help, I will be using it to to plan out my day
  11. Accessability guide?

    Yes, and this is the information I was looking for. I would like to know where they will be located. Im not in a wheelchair, but cant stand long, and walking get painful after a short period. I had the paths / places down for BCC, but am trying to avoid as much unnecessary pain as is possible with the move the DC The guide linked above was a good start, knowing that they provide 12 handicapped parking places helps a ton, now I know I cant drive in and have to look at taking metro since they also state : "There are over 3000 parking spaces in a three block radius of the facility" which means I have no chance of reasonable parking.
  12. Accessability guide?

    Sent an email a few weeks ago, just sent another. Im starting to panic, I pre-plan all my movement to minimize my time on my feet. I still dont know if there is a handicapped badge pickup or where its located. Dont know if there are elvetors or escalators. Dont know if I will have to move against the flow of traffic to get to them. Any help would be appreciated
  13. Accessability guide?

    I was looking for the accessibility guide, but it 404's me ( https://www.otakon.com/info/policies/member-accessibility-guide/ ) I am trying to best prep myself for non stair traffic. Any chance on updated info?
  14. Leave the Quadcopters at Home

    Since registration was brought up in here, and its a pet peeve of mine, sorry : https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2890686-Federal-Appeals-Court-The-FAA-s-Registration-Rule-Violates-Section-336 Like I said don't bother with wasting your money But do NOT bring anything RC into DC, you are only asking for problems. Even if it were to be legal, you would be spending your convention time at the station explaining how it was legal instead of just having fun. Leave the RC toys at home and go have fun in DC
  15. Leave the Quadcopters at Home

    DC is a no fly zone they dont play at all, and I will register my flying toys when I have to register my lego's. Ignore stupid laws, RC flying toys, up to 55lbs have a long history of safely operating in our NAS. None of my planes, helis, ornithopters, or quadrotors are, or will ever be registered.