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  1. well, I have two rooms. One for my girl and I, the other for my friends if they decide to come. If noone does, i'll put that room up as available on the boards sometime around june/july next summer~
  2. To everyone who is waiting on that 'call list', call the 800 number. Ask to reserve a room and dont mention otakon till after you give them the dates you want and start the reservation process. If they state that they cant reserve till September for those dates, either ask them to try as you know reservations are open for those dates, or hang up and call back in 30 or so minutes when a different operator is available. Hope this helps!
  3. I hope to God that's true, because I have paid way more then that in previous years at other parking lots.
  4. Well, I just called the 1-800 number and snagged two rooms outside of the con rate, but they said if the rate did become available they would adjust me to it, so either way i'm happy. Thursday thru Monday $1,432.00 Not too bad, tho I did only claim 2 people per room *laughs* ($716 per room, but I realized that was before baltimores lovely 14% hotel tax, so it turns into $816 per room, then $15 a night for parking, and I havent figured out the cost of the mini fridge or microwave yet *laughs*. Oh well, one trip a year, its worth it!)
  5. I'm on the "waiting list" as well, but perhaps i'll have a better chance since i'm throwing more money their way? (Kidding! But yeah, I generally come in Thursday and dont leave until Monday) Good luck everyone!! Also, if you dont mind the walk, the Sheraton (formerly Wyndham) is remodeling all their rooms and they're actually VERY nice. Suicide windows and all! (Yes, the windows opened FULLY in one of our friends rooms, enough for 3 people to...ahhem...walk out shoulder to shoulder *laughs*)
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