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  1. orcmonkey2000

    I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    So my guess is that this particular package got mangled by a mail sorting machine. That being said, the badge IDs on the badges we sent out are tied to your membership IDs, just like the badges one would pick up at Otakon. So in effect it doesn't matter what you write on it, since we know the badge ID a person should have if it becomes necessary to challenge veracity. Gotcha. I figured something like that would be the case, but it still doesn't sound like the person who took the badge (if, indeed, it wasn't just mangled by a mail sorter or some such) would be caught by security, unless they start scanning every badge at the door (which seems like it would slow down lines something awful).
  2. orcmonkey2000

    I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    Just got my tracking # and it says I'm due for it to arrive on Monday. Gonna try to make sure my roommate can be home to sign for it, just to be on the safe side (though I suspect they will just leave it if no one is home). Man, I really hope they get that figured out for you, and catch whoever took the other badge. It's odd that they'd open it up and take just one--kind of makes me wonder if it's not someone that was planning to actually use it to go to the con, instead of selling it (otherwise, why only steal one? and why open that specific package, unless they noticed it was from Otakorp and guessed what was in it?). Maybe this is a long shot, but does Otakorp have any way of matching badges to attendees? Like, are the names on the pre-mailed badges already printed on the badges, or do they just have a blank space for people to write their names as in past years? Reason I ask is, if the names were printed or there were some other method of identifying which badge belongs to which person, it might be possible for someone at each door to have a list of names that reported badges stolen, and then stop those people and verify via ID that the person is who their badge says they are. Again, it's probably a long shot, but I hate to see people do this kind of crap and get away with it.
  3. orcmonkey2000

    I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    Whew, I'm glad you mentioned this. I moved recently as well, and I'd been told my badge should be forwarded to my new address by USPS; however, in the address change packet they sent me, it made a point of saying that "only certain classes of mail would be forwarded", so I've been kind of freaking out that maybe Ota would send the badges in a class of mail that wouldn't be forwarded after all, and since I don't have my tracking number yet I had no way of checking whether it would be...whew. I feel a lot better now. Thanks. Thanks for the update Matt. I think most of us realize that there's always gonna be a few wrinkles and a lot of uncertainty the first time something like this is implemented, even if we freak out about it a little bit. Thanks for all the hard work.