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  1. Kaze Neko


    Yet another valid point. I personally just wanted to get to the bottom of all the hate for Naruto, Bleach, and other shows like them. Even when it comes to cosplayers and how a lot of people complain about too many people cosplay as naruto characters, or KH2 characters, and stuff like that but hey your not the one cosplaying so let the people who are have there fun. Im sure if we all had the time and money to make a fancy Trinity Blood cosplay or something then we'd do it but lets face it its the mainstream ones that your gonna see the most. Plus they're the easiest to do and the most noti
  2. Well thats two for japanese fashion and gadgets, anyone else want to agree to that.
  3. To tell you the truth I really dont know what I would particullary want to see in the Dealers room. I mean as long as there video games in the dealers room Im happry because I remember one year they didnt really have any...I think it was the 06 year. Anyways it is an anime convention so Im sure theres gonna be plenty of that in the dealers room. Maybe you could put some Japanese fashion in the dealers room. Not just the kimonos and stuff like that. I mean some of the japanese fashion of today, or maybe some of the many technological gadgets that we will never get over here in America.
  4. Kaze Neko


    I know what you guys mean about the whole mainstream thing. I have a friend who calls himself an elitest and he actually got mad at me for watching Deathnote on Adult Swim. Sometimes he even tells me not to buy dvds from certain companies like ADV. He's still cool though since he showed me somethings about anime and video games that I didnt know about.
  5. Kaze Neko


    Ok I honestly have to ask this question about this show which might have been asked before. Everytime I hear about Naruto I always hear bad comments that follows. "The show sucks", "I hate his believe it catch phrase", "Its like dragon ball z except with ninjas". Now while all of those are true depending on who you ask, but did we always use to think negatively about the show. I mean I was in 9th grade when I first heard about it cause I had some friends who were one or two grades above me always talking about it or playing the game in the back of the library. Of course this was before i
  6. If I had a limitless budget then I would do some sort of elaborate SquareEnix cosplay, basically cosplaying as anything created by them. Then I would probably do a very good Gundam cosplay or the Guyver. Havent seen that at Otakon yet so I would do that yet.
  7. lol thats another thing about anime....as confusing as a show might be as long as there are boobs then its perfectly understandable.
  8. ooh details.... If you don't mind. I personally wouldn't want to date a fanboy.... I prefer a guy thats just open-minded about anime fandom, he doesnt have to be into it himself. being an otaku myself I would imagine it would be kinda hard to date another otaku. Like, you might beg your BF to take you out on a date to a resturant. that might cost $50 for 2 people...... but he's thinking $50 can buy me 5 manga vols or 2 DVDs Then you would have to beg him to wear something nice since he'll wanna wear his favorite Cowboy Bebop Tshirt...... the one thats faded with holes...... Im not s
  9. lol the shyness level in such a panel would be really high. I guess thats why people choose the rave...its dark so no one can see them. because raves, no one remebers who you are. if you dance weird, you just that person that danced weird. if your that person that was grabbing people, your just that person that was grabbing people. if your that person that was making out with everyone at the rave...well you get the idea by now
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