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  1. I do hope there is a program book and offline schedule. Not everyone has a phone. Not everyone with a phone has mobile data. Not every phone is compatible with apps. If there is no offline schedule or reliable public wifi at the convention center, I won't have any access to any online based schedule. The assumption that everyone always has access to a working online capable mobile device is problematic at best.
  2. Convention centres are very expensive. Otakon has to book BCC for longer then the Thur-Sun, I think Monday or Tuesday? in order to set up. The moment they stay past the booked time on Sunday night, Otakon has to pay extra usage fees to BCC to keep the building open, the docks working, the power/water on, the BCC staff there etc. To give you an idea about the sort of prices a convention/exhibition centre is... Melbourne Exhibition Centre requires an event to hire at least 2 bays (10% of the building). Just those 2 bays cost $40,000AUD per day. And that
  3. Caloris


    I'd have thought the question wouldn't be why do the dealers close so early, but more why are the artists open so late? All the reasons that get given to the "why do dealers close early?" should apply to the artists as well...
  4. I don't know if I should count my air transport as JFK-BWI and BWI-ORD were part of a larger Round the World ticket. Though I could count the $84.40 that was stolen from me while trying to get a ticket for the light rail back to BWI. Room: $95 food: about $40 Dealers/Artists: $230 USPS: $26 Otakon: $55 think that's all.
  5. unlimited money? I'd wake up in the morning to find a hidden room under my house full of every costume on my wish list, all 100% actuate and all a perfect fit. There are something like 400 costumes on my wishlist...
  6. 2006: Flight from LHR-JFK, road trip New York > Baltimore 2007: Flights AMS-LHR-BOS-YYZ-JFK, busses New York > Hartford (ConnectiCon) > New York > Philadelphia, train to Baltimore Union Sation, light rail BAL > BCC.
  7. However they also know that most of those 22,000 people are going to sharing rooms and get the Otakon group rates at some nearby hotel. A jump like that sounds a bit too much to be due to Otakon. Is there some other event in town that weekend as well?
  8. Maybe that's why there was such a big jump this year - if everyone's willing to pay the regular rate, there's no reason why the hotel should offer a discounted rate.
  9. I don't see any need for people to be booking rooms this early. Whatever happened to calmly waiting until Otakon is sorted out everything with the hotels and the hotels have everything in their systems? Hell, can’t people wait until Otakon even opens pre reg?
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