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  1. Tachibana

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    Another idea: Susan Dalian would be really cool. I know she doesn't have a loooot of roles but she plays Haku who is a pretty popular character among the Naruto fandom afaik. As for older "older guests".... Basically any of the English cast of Tenchi Muyo would be really cool. I think those who have even done cons before only did like... three tops. Would be amazing to meet them. Show was my obsession for like two-three years of my life, lol! Petrea Burchard, Matt K. Miller, Jennifer Darling, Sherry Lynn, Kate T. Vogt, Rebecca Forstadt, Ellen Gerstell, Debi Derryberry, Julia Fletcher...
  2. I mean, it isn't censorship, it's moderation. Repeating talking points taken directly from, frankly, inflammatory people like YellowFlash, as if its a legitimate stance is something I think any community manager, whether mod or admin or otherwise, has a right to moderate. Ergo, if you ask me, ANN did nothing wrong. I would also argue that stating someone is "acting loony" when they really haven't done anything wrong considering the context is a tad mean spirited. Just be careful of your wording when talking about victims, yeah? "Reacting poorly" or something might have been better phrasing.
  3. Guys, a mod literally just said to not get into fights, I know it's a rather, well, hard situation, but let's try to get along discussing this. Like I said in my big ol' post up there, I think Monica and Jamie were ... if not justified in how they acted, then at least easily forgivable. Again, they shared a very personal story each only to then be attacked for it, after no doubt thinking for years they'd never be able to get closure and seeing an opportunity to now by coming out with their stories. I'm also guessing this. It doesn't seem as if any of the victims wish to pursue criminal charges (hell, Monica just literally wants him to change to be better) so he can't exactly go to jail given how these sorts of laws work unless in the middle of the case it's somehow proven he did something with/to a minor. But if he does go after almost any of them, they have pretty ironclad defense, in my opinion, given the sheer volume of accusations.
  4. The lawyer in question literally set up a gofundme to support Vic- he's not impartial even if he's not personally supporting Vic. He was also vocal during ComicsGate, a movement every bit as misogynist and racist as GamerGate. Notably, in spite of the lawyer initially saying he doesn't even know Vic, a recent statement Vic made indicates they are friends. And I don't know about you guys, but if you're in the midst of defending your morality... your morality really doesn't look good if you're calling a guy with such views- a guy who used enough tanner to have black people call him out on it - a friend, rather than a fan or a supporter. Even though it sounds like they literally just met. In other words, I don't view this lawyer as a trustworthy person. And comparing Vic's case to other similar cases- such as Digital Homicide's cases against Jim Sterling and about 100+ critics of them on their Steam Page respectively, both of which were thrown out, Jim's in particular "with extreme prejudice"- I cannot see any action he could take that would not end up poorly for him. Like, let's go over this a sec. I'm still not even sure what angle he could TRY to tackle it from that wouldn't end badly for him. Monica or Jamie? Again, lots of people to back either up- several dozen colleagues INCLUDING HIS EX-FIANCE vs. him, his lawyer and his mom. Like. HMMM. Wonder who a judge would side with. Funimation? Never employed beyond contract work, same with RT, and given Texan law, they did nothing wrong in simply stating they won't work with him any longer. Suing a disparate group of accusers, perhaps including one of his coworkers or former employers? Such cases, from what I know, never end up well for anyone outside of actual big corporations, and I guarantee every last accusation that isn't totally anonymous (i.e., the i09 article ones would probably count, not so much the ones from tumblr/4chan/pll) would be used against him in court as character testimony. Texas also has pretty hardcore anti-SLAPP laws, so the latter would REALLY not go well. Suing cons who cancelled? I mean, if he wants to make himself look like a jackass, I guess, but I don't know what that'd achieve? There is no legal action out of this situation. He can at best defend himself from an accuser suing him. If he truly wants to return to voice acting and the con circuit, he needs to go to the life counselor he talked about and show active attempts to change. ---- Also: Samantha did not fake the swatting- or at least, did not fake a crime having happened to her. What happened was someone called her, said they were getting her swatted, she went to her house, saw the door broken in, called the cops. I'm not sure why she lied in the first place, especially since there's a police report and everything, but perhaps it's a combination of her being unwell as Adam said and someone legitimately targeting her, wanting to make it as big as she felt in her head. Still awful, but simply going to a currently vacant house, vandalizing the door, and jetting isn't as bad as getting someone SWATted. As far as overreactions go- I mean, what would you do if you or your friend shared a personal story that caused a lot of emotional turmoil... only for people to IMMEDIATELY attack you and call your character into question, thus making you think for a second maybe you should have stayed quiet and gone unheard and suffered in silence all along? Only then to, well, realize that, no you shouldn't be quiet, and online trolls SHOULDN'T silence you. So you get angry and speak perhaps a bit harshly, or show anxiety. The only one I really hold anything against is Sean and that's because he's had a known beef against Vic for a while and isn't the most... elegant speaker. He should have just stayed quiet outside of voicing support or whatever, not actively gone after trolls. Additionally, in case you weren't aware, the Quartering is also an alt-right individual, and given Otakon's response to the Unite the Right rally last year, I should hope anyone with his political, hateful views - such as YellowFlash among others- would not be welcome on this board by the users here, and with that in mind, I personally dismiss their videos out of hand. ---- And again, as someone who saw Vic being creepy (albeit, not to the level of harassment or assault, just a concerningly tight hug), as someone who has heard rumors both in person and on various boards for YEARS- there's no way in HELL this is all just some conspiracy. Unless like there's a bunch of random congoers who never ever met each other also in cahoots with a bunch of colleagues of his who had to quietly put up with him for fear of their job... which. I don't know, Occam's Razor you know- Which makes more sense? A literal actor putting on a nice face for his fans as well as to his unknowing colleagues, while using his position to bully and harass other fans and colleagues? Or a total saint who has never ever ever done ANYTHING wrong ever, and somehow had years and years of "malicious rumors" pile up against him followed by a conspiracy that started with a hashtag filled with people unrelated to each other, until his colleagues started speaking up, who apparently all want him out? And something about stolen jobs that don't really exist? Eh? Like, yeah, there are people invested in this now that do have connections to one another. It's not that humongous an industry worker-wise, stateside anyway. There's gonna be people who know one another when dealing with a controversy involving such a big star in the industry. Maybe you could say that the industry needs more blood in it then, from seeing this- more journalists, more talent, more administrators and so on- but suggesting it's a huge conspiracy reeks to me of either desperation, or a grift. I'm not suggesting anyone itt is either, I mean specifically his vocal supporters.
  5. Tachibana

    The UN Wants to Ban Anime? Wut?

    Yep, there we go, thanks. The bolded are probably what applies most to the anime/manga industry. Except, thing is? The industry at large, outside of the hentai sector, doesn't really engage with sexually explicit material or material depicting child character genitals with the intent to arouse. Really, I can't see this effecting any mainstream anime or merch. Maybe a few hentai OVAs or doujinshi depicting kids in sexual situations, and in my personal opinion, good riddance to those. This is of course, again, supposing this even passes. Previous attempts were made, none really passed. But either way it shouldn't effect the majority of us here.
  6. Tachibana

    The UN Wants to Ban Anime? Wut?

    Right, first off: The intent of the proposed option is to ban creation, sale, or distribution of child pornography more solidly worldwide. The wording is such is that it would include toddlercon, lolicon or shotacon. The UN does not want to ban anime. If someone thinks anime is only lolicon or shotacon, then uh... hm... :/ It also likely won't pass. Previous attempts have been made in the UN to ban depictions of drawn or otherwise nonexistent minors in sexual situations, none of which were successful, leaving it to member countries to decide their laws on such things. So without amendment I'm not seeing it. Second, let's not post clickbait videos as sources, eh? I tried to find any legitimate news source talking about it, but the only new site I could find was OneAngryGamer which is an alt-right cesspool of a site so I'm choosing to not link them. At any rate that they are the only news site talking about it should say a lot about how likely (or rather unlikely) it is that this is an actual issue. This won't effect almost any anime anyone here cares about if it does pass, and supposing you ARE into shotacon, lolicon, or toddlercon, it's highly unlikely it'll pass just like before. Basically, anime is fine as a whole, it might just be stuff that outright hardcore sexualizes prepubescent characters that gets banned. Which personally I'm okay with because it's creepy, but I understand if others aren't because free speech principles and such.
  7. Tachibana

    Most looking forward to thing at Otakon 2019?

    Can't really say since we only know of one guest so far and the schedule won't be known until after all the guests are announced. So we'll see.
  8. I mean, I hope you're right, he needs to show he's changed and it's clear he refuses to even acknowledge he did anything wrong. But I have doubts.
  9. Vic WILL work again. There's no question in my mind. People like him have been accused of worse and bounced back into their original careers. Now, the difference here is colleagues are accusing him. So maybe he'll never work in the voiceover industry proper again. So what? He's done uncredited work on various game dubs before, he can probably continue doing that. And if not that, he used to be a youth minister. Now, as bad an idea as it might be for him to be one, given what's been put forward, I have suspicions several employers who'd hire him for the role wouldn't care so long as he stood by either "I didn't do that" or "I've changed". He could probably just go back to that. And people who, for whatever reason are still fans? I don't think he'll be closing down his mailbox or his fanclub anytime soon. So all this is, and what people behind the #KickVic tag hoped to accomplish, is to remove him from a position where he had access to teenaged girls and women to harass them, both on VO jobs and in the con circuit. Which, I think, seems to be where we are now. It's just, again, a shame that his colleagues who called him out are now being harassed and threatened by either his fans or just alt-right bullies in general, but, hopefully cons can give those guests extra security until things cool down and they can stay safe at Funi and at home.
  10. It's worth noting here they actually mention investigating things themselves. So I think it's safe to say, at least wrt Texas VA accusations, it's 100% confirmed, though I always believed them. Of course now people are demanding proof from Funi... but like... That's not yours to have. It's very rare a company will actively share the nitty gritty of HR problems with the public, I can think of no reason why they'd do so here just to appease people who'd probably scoff and give excuses for why Funimation's investigation's result was wrong. Either accept that they did their due diligence to investigate the actions a VA they've kept on this long in spite of, again, rumors circling for years, or just accept you're never going to believe Vic did anything wrong short of him admitting it.
  11. 1) People claiming it's just a MeToo witch hunt haven't been paying attention for the years of less viable claims but in retrospect probably truthful ones going 'round. This is ---- that's been going on for a while, it's only been taken seriously just now due to actually being organized and putting names to accusations. 2) The photoshopping thing is a false flag. Literally the person who "said" it is a neutral party being impersonated. And even so it's a single individual, and should not discount the other accounts that are unrelated. 3) The whole thing with Todd is "telling on yourself" of the most bewildering type. His "accuser" didn't even bother to name him and wouldn't have lest others first came forward with their own accounts. Then he tries to cover his ass in spite of this, and someone else who was present confirms, no, the victim really was being fed a LOT of alcohol to an unsavory point. It's... a lot. How that should've been handled was privately if, as he claims, he didn't realize he was doing something wrong but... "Whoops"? Honestly it's a headache to keep up with, but given the fact those in the industry are either victims themselves or stand with the victims at this point (or are not saying anything), and then those who are backing the Vic diehards are a bunch of... how to put it diplomatically... Always Onlineā„¢ types apparently trying to start "Animegate" and outright harass individuals like Monica Rial in person (with one death threat so far) and threaten Funi with arson should be telling. If you're not invested either way it is probably best to just disengage. I'm only invested as I am, again, due to the experience I and my sibling have had. Like... is a big conspiracy involving people who appear unrelated to each other that has roots in the industry itself against Vic more likely, or just simply that Vic's just not the guy people thought he was? Just think about that. Any video with SJW in the title should be taken with massive, massive grains of salt if considered at all, tbqh, my dude. >_>;
  12. That's indeed the case, as is the case in all industries, really. You have to recognize that dealing with sexual assault and harassment isn't something we as a society are all that good at. Companies would rather silence dissent or tell people to hash it out quietly, in order to keep things running smoothly. Or, again, due to the failure of us as a society to address sexual assault and harassment, not saying anything out of fear. I could get into it further but that'd take the discussion into a political realm and I'd rather keep the discussion centered around Vic. Basically, people staying quiet on such things isn't due to pure negligence - it's a fear of losing a livelihood of their own, or being thought of as a liar or rumormonger. I feel that's a positive of #MeToo: It's a signal that people can openly talk about bad experiences where they were assaulted, harassed, or made to feel uncomfortable or unsafe without being apologized to, and that many will believe and support them. As they always should have, tbh. And, like I said, like it's obviously horrible people have been hurt by Vic, it's a shame people who have had nothing but good experiences with people like Vic have to deal with this. This idea that someone they admired on some level and treated them kindly might be someone more sinister. To that I say you should take the good you got out of your experiences- whether in person or via experiencing Vic's roles- and cherish that, while also understanding he's severely fucked up personally and needs to be held accountable to improve himself and stop harming others, and that his victims ought be supported. If that makes sense.
  13. Couple of things wrong with this: 1) A number of fellow voice actors and industry insiders have come out- first in support of victims, and then revealing they themselves have been victimized or witnessed creepy behavior from Vic. This isn't only congoers or fans coming forward, it's people who really know the guy. 2) RoosterTeeth has broken ties with him and Funi has replaced Vic in an upcoming dub with another actor. It's clear that at least these two companies think that the information presented is enough to choose to stop doing business with Vic. Perhaps they even have information we don't have (nor are we privileged to). 3) Filing charges for sexual assault or even non-sexual harassment long after the fact is hard, if not impossible. Consider that Texas's statue of limitations for sexual assault is five years, and sexual harassment is 300 days- if it's been that long since the event, it cannot be filed. Many other locales have similar statutes, and a lot of these stories seem to be at least that old if not older. This doesn't even get into the fact that research shows that many, many legitimate sexual assault and harassment cases are thrown out before they're even filed due to police choosing not to believe the victim or, in the case of harassment, that it "wasn't that bad", so if he did anything creepy recently, it's not unfathomable it'd never reach investigation let alone trial. Just because of the biases inherent in our system of law regarding sexual harassment and assault. So a lot of victims simply don't bother reporting, and even if they did, chances are nothing would come of it in spite of it really happening. For this reason, public knowledge is as important in protecting people as the court of law. And the fact is, there are hundreds of people coming forward with firsthand stories of sex-pestery, or unprofessional or rude behavior... a good many putting public-figure-names to their accusations. Like, you can personally choose to think EVERYONE is lying (somehow), but the fact is, most people are going to see that Vic's got a lot of apologizing (actual apologizing, not shedding crocodile tears and giving a non-apology that puts the onus on his victims and subtly encouraging his fans to go after them) and growing to do, and that people aren't going to instantly forgive him until he's proved he can change- not that victims need to EVER forgive who's wronged them. Yeah, a lot of fans have been heartbroken seeing Vic get outed (and Todd more or less self-out) like this, thinking that they "knew them", so the fact that people who actually spend entire weekends with them or work with him are discovering this must be even harder on them. I'm sorry you had to find out like this. And of course I feel even more sorry for the victims. For what it's worth I agree that, while a list of people at cons to avoid is a good idea, the fact there isn't a lot of vetting going on and the individual hosting it is completely anonymous (not even a real username to speak of) makes all but the most backed-up named names worth taking with a huge grain of salt.
  14. My sibling and I had an awfully awkward encounter with Vic that while not nearly as bad as some of the accusations kind of definitely made me believe this stuff ever since I started hearing it. And given the stuff I've heard before this, and with especially scary stories like Jessie Pridemore's, I'm glad to see the anime community largely supporting those who have come forward, including a number of other voice actors either directly voicing support or showing support by liking those posts or the posts of people who have been harmed by Vic in some way. Like there's some pushback, particularly from the Gamergate-adjacent crowd or diehard Vic fans who could never believe such things, but largely it's not as bad as I think it could've been. Like.... there's something like 100+ accusations or accounts, the vast majority coming from people unrelated to each other, the chances of them all or even mostly all being false is pretty low. So even if you've only had good experiences with him, keep that in mind.
  15. Tachibana

    The Otakon 2019 Guest Request Thread

    I believe alabaster got her confused with Amanda Winn-Lee, who would, incidentally, ALSO be a cool guest! EDIT: I'd also like to put forward Kira Buckland. She was at AUSA this past weekend and had a really cool assortment of fandom-based panels for Pokemon and JJBA in addition to her Q&A panel, so I think she'd be a good asset to filling out the schedule. She's said before that Otakon is her dream con, and she has several big roles now in the form of 2B from Nier Automata and Talim in Soulcalibur VI. So, just a thought there!