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  1. Out of all the stupid things you can do at Otakon...

    There's a huge difference between fetishizing real live human beings as if they solely exist for your pleasure, and fetishizing fictional characters who are... Well. Fictional. There's also a difference between seeing someone as beautiful and treating them as a commodity. A difference between appreciating someone's hard work they put into a cosplay or dedication to a certain character, while also noticing they're attractive... And being like "uuungh I'd bang these cosplay baaaabes" or something similar at an event where not all the women might appreciate being thought of in that way... If that makes sense. I don't know. Maybe I'm overanalyzing. But that one line made a world of difference for me. At any rate I'm now wondering if maybe the initial response was warranted. Idk. I'm still not going to watch the video, and I'm done with the topic.
  2. Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    Oh my God I'd love Wagakki Band!! I'd totally buy a concert ticket for them!
  3. Out of all the stupid things you can do at Otakon...

    Yeah fetishizing people due to their race is kind of nasty, if I'd known about that I think my initial post would have been less kind.
  4. Out of all the stupid things you can do at Otakon...

    Couple of things, keeping in mind I haven't watched the original video (as seeing people acting cringe-y makes me feel incredibly uneasy, if that is what this guy is doing): Supposing he didn't do this specifically for laughs and giggles, it is very possible he just doesn't know the rules. It would have been best to inform him it's possible to purchase a badge a membership at-con. It isn't like they're posted outside the con center or anything. I dislike the earlier comment about calling "youtube Celebs" being the lowest rung on the celebrity ladder or whatever. Whether you like it or not, as a medium, Youtube is rapidly outpacing the traditional media of TV and movies as a whole. There will be a whole generation of people more familiar with names like "Markiplier" or what have you than any given big drama star on TV or in the movies.... ALL THAT SAID, Youtube "pranksters" are absolutely vile. If that's what this guy is, got nothing but shame for him. But given other responses in this topic, I'm guessing that's not the case. I do hope he comes back next year with a badge for a better, truer first impression.
  5. Autographs 2017

    First, I apologize if I seemed too distressed or pushy about the lack of communication. I understand that you were busy, and that's fine. It'd just be appreciated, I think, going forward, if possible. Second, I think it worked out fine this year? That is, letting people line up outside the AA in a separate line around when the signing is an hour away but the AA isn't open. Just make sure that's actually in the rules and regulations. If you all do it like that, I feel like even doing a signing right when the Alley opens would be a-okay. I thought the area was fine for the most part, but lowered tables would be nice. They don't need to be as low as before, but, they were a bit too high. You also mentioned elsewhere removing the "Autograph 1, 2, etc." signage and instead listing ... and I think that'd be very proper. I felt very badly, while waiting for Stephanie and Micheal, for Furukawa-san and Kakinuma-san, when they arrived and seemed confused no one was clapping and cheering for them. Something like that could've likely been avoided if there wasn't confusion about which signing was where and it was just decided prior to each where they'd be. With regards to like, only having two tables, and having each individual guest have their own line ... that'd be both good and bad. On the one hand it would help cut down on people in each line. On the other, it would make group sessions, which I'm sure industry loves, nigh impossible. One thing I will make note of that I noticed with Michelle Ruff's signing, the first half hour or so a line of about only maybe 10 max people got through who were outside the primary line. After that things went much quicker, but, I'm still a bit confused as to what went on here. If it was a special needs line, I somewhat understand then, and I'm happy to accommodating people who might need a bit longer to get through line. But I recognized someone in that line from the earlier signing who was not in a similar line... so... what was going on there? I remember something similar happening with Romi-san's line back in 2015, with that separate line taking forever to get through but once they got through everything ran smoothly.
  6. Regarding AA/fan vs original work: As a customer of artist alley tables, I actually tend to overlook those with more of an original presence unless said presence completely covers the table. Half and half just makes me feel inclined to NOT go look, even knowing the rules. So relaxing the rule a bit would be more ideal. Regarding temperatures: It WAS cool, but... as someone who "runs hot" so to speak and gets sweaty incredibly easily, I appreciate that. I understand many are requesting the temperature be turned up, but I'd actually like it better if it be kept cool. After all, you can always put on more clothing if you're cold- you can't take off more if you're hot. And uh, frankly, I don't think many people would want to see me in just shorts anyway, haha.
  7. Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    Oh my God I can't believe I forgot- Karen Strassman and Kat Steel would be awesome too!!
  8. Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    Hm... Mecha themed.... This is EXTREMELY pie in the sky but if you guys could get Rinko Kikuchi (of Pacific Rim fame, among other films like Babel and 47 Ronin, as well as a goodly number of Japanese films), I'd LOVE that. Edit: Or Charlie Hunam, Idris Elba, or John Boyega, but they're a bit more of a stretch for the con's overall theme of Asian culture, Kikuchi-san at least has been in a lot of Japanese movies, and in the latter two's case quite a bit more high profile than any guess y'all have gotten before save maybe Uematsu.
  9. Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    Kind of ironic you call certain dub actors "overrated", yet mention Vic Mignogna as someone you're glad to see. He's perhaps the single most overrated dub actor ever, and every time I see him on a con's guest list I roll my eyes and just shrug, and suppose I'm thankful he'll eat up crowds, "I guess". And "as a con guest"... I mean I'm glad he behaves at Otakon but I've heard so many things from people about how he's treated staff at other cons, among other... things....
  10. I think we'll have to agree to disagree then, because frankly I barely saw any SU or Ladybug stuff myself. And that's okay, I'm not trying to invalidate your experience, you just saw stuff differently from what we did.
  11. Mmm... Not to sound rude, but, are you sure you were looking hard enough then weskai80? Or maybe you just aren't very familiar with a lot of fandoms? There were a bunch of others. Persona, Naruto, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, SMB, Metroid, Undertale, Touken Ranbu, various Ghibli films, etc. come to mind. There were at least 50 different fandoms, if not more, across the artist alley- I'd wager MUCH MUCH more. In fact I distinctly remember one table having Kubo and the Two String-inspired prints, which was a lovely surprise. Perhaps you meant only four fandoms you're in? If so, I feel you, I was disappointed to find a lack of anything Sengoku Basara related, but, fandom interest wanes and waxes as do artist alley offerings, it can't be helped.
  12. The Good - What Otakon did well SPACE - The move's primary motive, getting us more room, is completely and utterly fulfilled. At times it even felt as if the convention center was underpopulated for such a big con, which is a wonderful feeling. Even at the height of crowding, it was still very possible to make it through everywhere- whereas previously the there were nonstop bottlenecks. Panel choice - Lots of great programming to choose from this year. There were a great many I was sad to miss, and out of the panels I attended, only one was slightly disappointing- the eight others hit it out of the park. You can find further comment on them in the panel feedback topic. Guest list - Such an amazing set of guests, very lovely, talented people! I'm particularly glad you all could get Stephanie again, so happy I got to meet her again after so many years. Food choice - An entire food court devoted to Japanese food, plus another with pizza, grill, and other items, and plenty of burger joints in the show floor halls. I think I needn't say more. General layout - Everything seemed to be in a good place this year to me. However, that others have complained about proximity of video rooms to louder rooms might be an indicator of a need of slight reshuffling. Line handling - I've never been fond of how Otakon had handled lines. This year? I loved it. Staff helpfulness - All Otakon staff and gofers were friendly and helpful. Big kudos to the two gentlemen at the info desk nearest to the Dealer's Room Friday morning immediately after the con opened, so I could solve the mystery of how autograph sessions that ought to have lineup before the AA opened would be lined up. The Bad - What Otakon can fix Food price - Or, rather, drink prices. Incredibly high. For the Japanese offerings or even a burger and chips it makes some sense- restaurant price instead of fast food prices. But... Almost 4 bucks for a soda? 3 for bottled water? Ridiculous. If possible, work with the center to at least lower the drink prices. Lack of communication prior to convention - I had a lot of questions in the week or two prior to the con, and I asked a few. None were answered by staff. As a result, other questions I had, I just didn't ask as I thought they wouldn't be answered. Thankfully everything sorted itself out, and I was able to get answers at-con, but if more staff from more departments could keep eyes on the forum it'd be appreciated. The Ugly - What likely isn't fixable but worth noting General area priciness - Not something I noticed, but, others I talked to mentioned how expensive everything was immediately around the convention center, and that they'd take it into consideration on whether they'd return or not. If there's a way to broker a deal with some local businesses that'd be great, but if not, there might not be much growth in attendance or even shrinkage. Something to keep in mind. Other, Personal Notes Bad luck with cosplay sighting - This is something that is no one's fault, and if it is, it's my own. But there were many times that I saw an amazing cosplay... But I couldn't ask for a picture as I was waiting in line and they were too far away to call over. Oh well.
  13. Folks, tip (properly) the people who serve you

    Now that I'm at a computer to properly talk about this... In an ideal world service job workers (who I'll call servers) would only get tipped for excellent service, not just the job they ought to be doing. But sadly we live in a world where laws say that servers can be paid below minimum wage as long as they're working a job that gets tips, and many businesses that don't need to take advantage of that. It's insidious and can turn customer against server and vice versa, when the person to blame is primarily the business owner. In the absence of non-shady business practices, either simply don't go to places where you need to tip... or if you do go, tip unless your server is utterly incompetent, in which case talk to their manager too. It's just not fair that they did what you asked them to do as they should, and you don't pay them for their job.
  14. Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    I think staff are still winded from this weekend. I know I am. Anyway! Basically, same list as last time, just added one more. Japanese voice acting guests: Natsuko Kuwatani Maaya Sakamoto Norio Wakamoto Japanese live acting guests: AKIRA (she's a really cool musician and her portrayal of Uesugi Kenshin in the Sengoku BASARA stage play series is amazing; even if you can't get her or her band (Disacode) as a musical guest specifically I'd love to just meet her! She seems to be popping up at several American cons lately without her band so I imagine it'd be relatively easy to bring her over) (Official blog; Solo site) Japanese musical guests: Disacode American voiceover guests: Carrie Keranen Sarah Blandy Cindy Robinson
  15. Closing ceremonies and next year's dates?

    Yeah. While Metro Buses are... A bit unreliable on Saturday and Sunday as I've found, the rail service is great and easy.