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  1. In no particular order... Norio Wakamoto Natsuko Kuwatani Carrie Keranen Laura Post Cristina Vee Matt Mercer Tara Platt Yuri Lowenthal
  2. The Bad: During the signing on Friday for Elizabeth Maxwell her line just... suddenly stopped. For a good 30+ minutes, before being cleared out. To be clear, I don't mind being cut off as I DID show up to the signing later than I should've. I fully admit that I do mind, however, that staff/gofers were probably somewhat aware the line was going to be cut at this point and didn't see fit to at least warn us "hey she's probably not going to get to you all". This is probably more partially my fault given how absolutely long the wait was getting for the line to move, and you can perhaps chal
  3. Hey staff! I had an overall good time, but there was one thing that kinda-- ah, I can't mince words-- that REALLY bothered me. I almost brought it up at the Feedback session but I figured it'd be better to articulate myself here as it's kinda long and my brain keeps jumping around to different points as to why I'm upset at this. 'cause there are LAYERS. So, on Saturday, there was supposed to be a Women in Anime panel. Typically Otakon holds these panels almost every year. Description indicated this- that it would have all the English dub actress guests on the panel to talk about represent
  4. Lots of cool panels! :O Gonna have to wait until the autograph sessions are lined up before I make any planning decisions though, hah.
  5. Got mine today in spite of my snafu earlier! And what a lovely design!
  6. Ah yeah got the zip code right. Phew. Thanks for telling me.
  7. Onnnn topic (I hope!) upon checking my badge orders, it appears I made a horrible error in address! In the Badge Mailing Information, I accidentally input "Alexandria, Vi" instead of Alexandria, VA! I've already sent an e-mail to registration asking about it in the hopes of changing it officially, so I do expect an answer from them in the next few days, but for anyone in the know it would still help to know if I should expect to be able to receive my badge or if it'll have to be picked up at con.
  8. I imagine if for whatever reason your badge is not received you can pick it up at con. After all we're going to have to sign for them, so if it's returned to sender, Otakorp will know the badge wasn't gotten.
  9. Well, Romi-san is incredibly popular. Just a cursory twitter search reveals a LOT of people excited about the announcement and that's just on Twitter. It might be possible to have a normal autograph session as was done with Tomokazu Seki, but I'm almost positive he doesn't have the same "star power". Such things come with voicing Edward Elric I guess haha. Saw someone jokingly suggest no signing of FMA products or paraphernalia, which would cut down the line a lot but really wouldn't be fair to all the FMA fans, so I disagree with the idea, hehe.
  10. The only way a lottery system would work is if it was opt in. I'm sure there are people coming to Otakon who've no interest in meeting her, so if they got picked it'd be beyond unfair. And I'm not sure how you'd handle a lottery system properly if it is opt-in. Probably best to do what they did with TMR and Kanno-san. Line up outside at one of the exits, etc. EDIT: Holy double post batman what the heck happened? I sure didn't MEAN to do that.
  11. The only way a lottery system would work is if it was opt in. I'm sure there are people coming to Otakon who've no interest in meeting her, so if they got picked it'd be beyond unfair.
  12. KENSHIN-SAMA! KENSHIN-SAMAAAA!!! ... ahem. >_>; That's out of my system. Thank you all so so much for managing to get her to come! This is like such.... an amazingly huge deal for me. I adore so many of her roles, but especially Anyway, given her huuuuge popularity in regards to being Ed, will the autographs situation be like it was for TMR and Yoko Kanno? Or should we just like... hope that we'll be able to meet her and throw ourselves into the void outside the autographs line? Also, how would any Q&A panels with her go? Any audience questions or a way to submit quest
  13. >first US con >all the seiyuu save one that I really really want to meet have never been to a US con Oh my goodness be still my beating heart don't get your hopes up....
  14. Probably shouldn't set my expectations TOO high but for alabaster to talk about a guest with "mwahahaha"... I can't help it. It all sounds super hype though. Glad I can make my return this year.
  15. Welp, there you go then! If I'm able to make it in on Thursday I'll still bring along something for him to sign and check out the concert. Meant to at Katsucon but my schedule got super full! Never been to an Otakon Matsuri so not sure if it has the same deal goin' on as the DC Matsuri which I seem to remember had the pop culture guests do signings right after they performed.
  16. You never know. He might only be available on Thursday. It'd sure be nice though- while I prefer Romi Park's performance, he nonetheless does a wonderful job as Kenshin in Sengoku BASARA. Ahhh Lord Kenshin.... ~ <3
  17. Hm, is Toshiyuki-san the seiyuu in question? o: If so, that announcement sure came a lot quicker than expected! Anywho, I realize it's probably far too late to make requests for this year, but just a suggestion upon recent research-- what about Susan Dalian? She voiced Haku in Naruto, and she does a damn good job of it! Her hometown IS Baltimore, so it'd be pretty neat if y'all could get her!
  18. Oooh, seems like a nice juicy lineup. Popular current show huh? That could be any number of shows, hehe.
  19. I don't see it as snubbing either! I just though, ya know, they might. But if they understand you guys have limited funds, I guess that's not a concern. Guess the guest huh? Yes please!
  20. Oooh neat, eagerly waiting! Also good question Coco. I also wonder if like whether people potentially getting offended at being snubbed in such a situation is an issue.
  21. Mm, sorry to burst your bubble, I don't think HuniePop would fall into Otakon's specific specialty range. They tend to focus solely on things that can be linked directly to East Asian culture, not on non-East-Asian culture related western products. This tends to mean Japanese media (anime, games, drama, music, etc.) and Korean media (typically K-pop). Given, if the western product has a direct link to East Asian culture, an exception can be made. I think it's been mentioned several times that Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra guests are considered often, and certainly things akin to U
  22. ^Looking at the layout of the DC convention center there's several places that Otakon could set up autograph lines in an area out of the way from the rest of the con AND with plenty of room. I wouldn't be concerned with how they'll handle DC. Excited to learn which guests will be invited this year. I should actually be able to come this year, at least for a day or two, so I'm in anticipatory bliss.
  23. Just popping in to request that Romi Park is invited, and also Natsuko Kuwatani as well... Yes, I recognize that Romi's one of those people y'all are always looking out for to get, but... I dunno I wanted to mention it! Hope I'll be able to come this year, regardless!
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