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  1. Latest from MTA's site is there will be a temporary schedule next week. Basically, it's the Saturday schedule, with extra buses between Cromwell, Ferndale, and North Avenue.
  2. You may luck out and not encounter this, but... Currently, Light Rail is on bare-bones service. That means: One car (two articulated cabs) per run... ...which are running late, by default 40 minutes... ...and is automatically full (to Japanese/Chinese standards!)... ...and the Penn-to-Camden train is canceled (Bus service to Mt. Royal). This is due to a discovery of cracks in the wheels, causing a manditory inspection of the 52 car fleet. This also means... it won't be until late July until it's supposedly done. My suggestion: If you're flying in on Thursday or Friday an
  3. Will the problems with the panels in 2007 be solved in 2008? If so, the Webcomics HOWTO panel will be willing to make a come back.
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