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  1. You may luck out and not encounter this, but...

    Currently, Light Rail is on bare-bones service. That means:

    • One car (two articulated cabs) per run...
    • ...which are running late, by default 40 minutes...
    • ...and is automatically full (to Japanese/Chinese standards!)...
    • ...and the Penn-to-Camden train is canceled (Bus service to Mt. Royal).

    This is due to a discovery of cracks in the wheels, causing a manditory inspection of the 52 car fleet. This also means... it won't be until late July until it's supposedly done.

    My suggestion: If you're flying in on Thursday or Friday and was planning on taking Light Rail up to the hotel, don't. Take the shuttle to the BWI Amtrak/MARC train station and get off at Penn Station. It will (I believe) cost you $5, so check the MTA Website.

    From Amtrak Penn Station, exit at the front (South, not Light Rail) side, turn left to St. Paul Street, and take ether the 3, 61, or 64 buses down to Pratt street. The 3 lets off at the opposite side of the 1st Mariner Arena (in relation to the Light Rail). The 61 and 64 let off about a block East of the convention center. (This is also where the shuttle bus for Mt. Royal is, but trust me, unless you want to reenact the Japanese subways, avoid.)

    AND FINALLY! KEEP AN EYE ON THE MTA MARYLAND WEBSITE! http://www.mtamaryland.com will list the overall status. There most likely be a press release when service is back to normal.

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