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  1. Im coming from Ireland so I usually arrive on Thurs and leave on the Monday but I cant seem to find hotels that book for those dates. Is everything sold out already? This cant be up much more than a week already I cant believe that hotels are already booked out If I try on the exact dates I only get a choice of 3 hotels to choose from. While I like the idea wouldnt it have been a bit better to wait until all hotels were signed up before starting this so people actually knew what was going to be available. Think i will just have to try getting in touch directly with the hotels
  2. Flights ( Dublin -> London -> Baltimore and back ofc ): $1350 Pre-reg: $55 Hotel ( 4 nights) : $400 Food +Drink: $150 Dealers Room: $400 ( bag wallscroll dvds which are stupidly expensive in Ireland) So about $2355 in total for a 4 day trip lol
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