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  1. Knowing how the guest invitation process works, this year was super-unique. Otakon invites guests around themes and shows. On top of that, many guest schedulings are done 6+ months in advance, even though they are not announced until closer to the events. This is pretty much standard, as contracts often specify that announcements can't be done at times that could affect attendance at other appearances. On top of this, Otakon literally had only 78 days to put a guest list together. Because conventions in some states were given the green light to proceed before others, and because act
  2. Was this the 3D printing panel put on by the same presenter as the Sailor Moon Beyond Eternal panel, or the other 3D panel? Asking so I can pass along feedback to Keah if necessary.
  3. As one of the presenters for Shoestring Scientists content, I'm glad you joined us this year!
  4. I think it would be pretty fun to have "throwback shirts." Might be worth someone doing the legwork to research. *stares at self in mirror*
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