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  1. Msprintz

    [Otakon News]Otakon 2019 Hotel Block Update

    Should’ve went for a Suite or Studio at the Residence Inn a few blocks away on Vermont Ave. For $812 Thurs-Sun the price couldn’t be beat.
  2. Msprintz

    The Annual "Where to Eat for Otakon" videos

    First let’s clear up a few miscommunications with the above about train travel. Starting with VRE and Amtrak. VRE does have a cross honor agreement, though restrictions apply as to what tickets are applicable and an $8.00 step up ticket needs to be purchased. https://www.vre.org/service/rider/amtrak/. Here’s the lowdown. The other major miscommunication here is checked baggage. Chances are that your NEC train will not have a baggage car, therefore no checked baggage. Amtrak’s carry on policy is very generous and so is the checked baggage policy for trains with a baggage car ( last I checked at least 1 bag is free, might be two ).
  3. Msprintz

    The Annual "Where to Eat for Otakon" videos

    I will agree to a point in regards to driving. Though if you’re traveling into the city from the Northern areas like Baltimore, the best routing should be 295 to 50 better known as New York Ave. That is essentially a straight shot right to the main hotel. Leaving is actually easier, but that’s beside the point. I will also agree that Amtrak is by far and wide the best option, especially if you’re traveling solo. Union Station is conveniently located essentially downtown. Though I’m sure that will be mentioned in the upcoming video. Only hitch is if the railroad goes to crud IE: trespasser strike , well you could be waiting an hour or two between stations. More than likely problem should be minor heat related slow orders.