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  1. If it's soothing to know from what I've read only around 300 infections can be directly attributed to the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago an event hosting around 350,000 people. Granted it's outdoors and around 90% of those attendees were vaccinated, with those not requiring a pre-event test. That's within' what they expected as far as numbers wise. The virus itself is not going away anytime soon. However we have two good tools now available in vaccines and masks, those two combined indoors are very effective. I am hopeful an oral medication treatment in pill form will be avail
  2. Weather forecast update... plan for it to be HOT... very hot. heres your summer 2019 heatwave forecast. Never hurts to be prepared for spot T-Storms either. https://wxdisco.com/topic/1105-july-15-31-2019-late-july-heat-wave-potential/page/2/#comments.
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