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  1. On 5/28/2023 at 2:42 PM, Revan said:

    My brother and I drove down to Baltimore every year. (I used to love taking Route 1 back to the Philadelphia area on Sunday afternoon - it was a great drive on a sunny summer day.) The day I heard Otakon was moving to DC, I immediately decided 'We're taking the train down.' Yes, we're dependent on SEPTA and Amtrak*, but it's so much nicer not having to sit in traffic. (I can't stand 'Stop and Stop traffic'.) Factor in the price of parking at the hotel (What is it for the Marriott? $70 a night?), and it's pretty much better to take the train, even when I get business class tickets. (My brother prefers the legroom, and assigned seats let us sit together, unlike coach.) Sure it's more expensive, but Ota is normally my big vacation for the year.


    * Case in point 1 - in 2017 there was an accident (a death, to my understanding) on the line between NY and Philly, so that delayed the train about 2 hours. The biggest downside was that by the time we got there, we just missed being able to hit the breakfast buffet and the Hampton.

    Case in point 2 - last year, Amtrak ran late, so instead of having 20-25 minutes before the SEPTA regional rail left 30th Street, we had maybe 10. And with SEPTA tickets not valid after 3 days, I couldn't get them on Thursday for use on Sunday. Cue my brother & I 'sprinting' up the ramp to a ticket machine, trying to get tickets for the current train instead of having to wait another 2 hours for the next one.

    Route 1 is absolutely breathtaking, especially the area around Conowingo Dam.  Fisherman's Park at the dam is the best spot to watch Bald Eagles.  

    Rail transportation and driving are my two preferred methods of transportation, though I probably a slight bias towards driving.  I have a lot of rail mileage under my belt though.  Off corridor is the best especially the double decker sightseer lounge cars on select long distance routes.  

    As for memorable travel, I  still remember vividly my first Amtrak trip.  It was a day trip on the Acela to DC.  NJ Transit ripped down some Catenary wire that day, and apparently on the return trip their commuters couldn't tell the difference between their commuter NJT service and an Acela.  


  2. On 8/8/2021 at 10:24 PM, KyoKyo said:

    Ok, you knew the risks of attending a non-vaccine mandated event but assumed below-normal attendance because of covid hesitancy and decided to go banking on lower numbers.  That's all on you.

    Of course I'm concerned for Otakon's reputation but there's a ton of other things that could also be labelled as "super spreaders."  Sturgis, Lollapalooza, Awesome-Con (as of right now.)  Even AnimeNYC and Station Unity with their recently updated vaccine mandate. It's going to happen with large indoor venues and people need to understand the risks. 

    If it's soothing to know from what I've read only around 300 infections can be directly attributed to the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago an event hosting around 350,000 people.  Granted it's outdoors and around 90% of those attendees were vaccinated, with those not requiring a pre-event test.  That's within' what they expected as far as numbers wise.

    The virus itself is not going away anytime soon.  However we have two good tools now available in vaccines and masks, those two combined indoors are very effective.  I am hopeful an oral medication treatment in pill form will be available sometime soonish as which point maybe we can have less worry about indoor masking.

    Overall mask compliance at the convention was pretty spot on with a few blemishes here and there.  People definitely took advantage of helmets and whatnot to hide being unmasked, and there was the party in the Marriott bar.  But overall I'd say compliance was easily over 85-90%.  The Marriott could have acted a bit faster.  If people want to roll the dice it's on them.

    I did spend quite a bit of time at Anacostia Park walking, and taking in photos.  I even walked to and checked out Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens near the MD border just before Saturday's refreshing rain that started around 11:48 am.  That walking was most soothing and very good downtime, and will most certainly feature into 2022's plans.  

    the dealers room was definitely less crowded in terms of vendors and overall I'd say there was somewhat less cosplay in general.  However overall it was very well done as far as the convention went.  I quite enjoyed Super Art Fight, will definitely be a must attend going forward.  

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