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  1. I would have to hop on the turnpike to get there but what age group are you focusing at? Also what time will it be starting at? I get done work around 4:30 ish and it will probably take me half and hour or so (depending on the world's best drivers on the turnpike!)
  2. You just need to learn how to budget. I work for a bank and there are so many ways to save! I know it can be harsh during this kind of economic "crunch" but if you really set your mind to it you can save what you need. Open a seperate savings account and start a transfer every month or when ever you get paid set aside 20-25% of your pay. Make sure you don't have that temptation to use that money! You save by unlinking it from your debit/atm card. Sometimes if you don't see it you won't know it's there. I've also put many of auctions up on eBay to get some extra flow too. I'm especially
  3. I don't have a number of times per say but it only took me half a day to lose my wings. I was so tired of people walking into them and I just gave up on wearing them.
  4. I would love to go for our honeymoon but I still need some conviencing from the finance. Hehe, Alabaster, YOU should be my tour guide since you seem very skilled.
  5. I, too, think it's awesome to have a short animation. I'm def going to attend the opening to see this!
  6. It also depends on how you both feel about giving. I have no problem giving gifts after gifts and I don't expect anything in return and my finance is the same way.
  7. I really enjoy it. It has a manga but it's only in Japan right now. >_< I'm odd, I like to read the manga first (if it has one) then watch the anime. All in all, it's pretty wicked.
  8. Comerati High (sp?) I don't know the spelling but this one really made me ---- my head to the side in confusion. Just the opening alone I think I flat lined for a minute there. Another two : Cat Soup and Doggie Poo......insantity or genius???
  9. O.o I got one 15 mins away from me! Lucky me I guess I have plans now on the 21th.
  10. In the beginning it seemed like a harmless anime and then (as agreed above) the rest rolled out into a very "non-comprehensiable (sp?)" story line. Just to throw this in: I watched the movie with my dad (whom was 62 at the time) and he was like what the %&?* I don't get this but liked the part where he saw animated boobies and thought since that was added it was an okay movie by him.
  11. RayRee


    I read it online at Tokyopop.com and loved it. I can see where you can get the similarities to Otakon but then again you can still get that confusing where the heck am I, this map sucks, I don't understand Greek kinda layout, that's almost at every semi large con you go to.
  12. Holy crap, I finally got the 2nd book yesterday. It only took two years!!!!! So yea, I'm happy now
  13. I've never shopped there before but I personally have shopped in these three places here and never had a problem: http://www.rightstuf.com/1-800-338-6827/ca.../category/4/0/0 http://www.anime-zingescape.com/home http://www.animestuffstore.com/home.php Let us know if Madok Anime is good so I can add them to my list of shops!
  14. I wouldn't mind seeing more Asian decor. I did see a few tables that had some authentic paintings and clothes but I wouldn't mind finding some plates, cups, tea sets, figurines etc.
  15. I'm probably going to be Hinata and my fiancee is going to be Neji. We arn't 100% sure but we never can make up our minds! I would like to cosplay someone more obscured but then I would have to put more thought into it.....I still have 8 more months to go!
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