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  1. i get paid 5 more times plus have a b-day before otakon i am going on the otakon diet, (buying on very cheap food for lunch in save for otakon) worked last few years in getting a bit of cash for the con.. this year i am going as the Dark Sage again... but ever year i make it a bit diff in better, this year i added a mask,, (pic from otakon 06) http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r139/TH...3T/DSC00630.jpg
  2. I live 15 mins by car.. 20-30 by bus (took bus before i had car) i am already pre-reg in full (paid)in ask for that time off at work..,,, i go even if i had no money
  3. money whats that...lol i put aside a bit of cast each pay check... little by little from the end of otakon to next year it adds up with out hurting my other hobby's in money goals.. there a 100% change i will take more then i ever spend. but its nice to know if that $600 thing i must have i can still get it in eat... lol my 05 my first otakon i only took 300,,, first day spend all of it of stuff,,, had to wait till i got home for food.. (p.s. i drive to otakon live like 15 mins away)
  4. here, have a little excitement with that annoucment
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