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  1. Konata Izumi anyone? Friday I was in her winter school uniform and Saturday I was her as Haruhi Suzumiya? I dunno why I'm asking, last year a ton of people took my picture and I found about two of them. I had even more people take my picture this year and I haven't seen ONE. I was hanging out with a guy wearing an amazing red, leather handmade dragon mask *LOTS of people took his picture* a Ranma and a gunner Yuna so if anyone has group pictures of those three with a Konata, I'm interested in those too! If you need to get a reference picture, here's three of us right here: http://
  2. I got there really late at night last year because there were tornado warnings in Connecticut and my flight was super delayed....but my friends and I are driving down this year so we'll be there in plenty of time. We wanted to drop our stuff at the hotel and grab dinner first and then get our badges. I want to make sure we have enough time to pick them up but I'm not sure when the line closes. Can anyone help me out with that? Thanks!
  3. That sad part is... i could read the 1337 speak before i read the translation -.-
  4. Although I agree that I think Keanu has been typecast too much and is capable of much more than some of the stuff he's done, I also agree that I'd still rather see an unknown in this part. However, if either Spike or Faye has to be an unknown, I'd rather Faye. We don't need some substandard Hollywood tartlet messing up the role. God forbid they put someone like Katie Holmes or Jessica Alba in the roll *gags*
  5. "the project still isn't officially announced and Fox is still keeping it under wraps. However, a good friend inside the industry who is a very reliable source wrote in to tell me that the film is being fast tracked inside the studio and will most likely be out by 2010" http://www.firstshowing.net/2008/07/30/rum...oy-bebop-movie/ What does everyone think of this? Personally, I'm gonna have to say....coolest thing ever. There's plenty of room for error, but barring that, I think this could be really amazing. Comments? Criticisms?
  6. Gah! Was it on tonight!? I didn't turn AS on til 11:30 (the super old Family Guy re-runs are getting on my nerves >_<) so if it was on before then, I missed it! Dang it! I've been wanting to see this fabled commercial ever since I heard about it, and I watch Adult Swim always! I must just have really bad luck in catching it ^^;
  7. I've been practicing BoA "Every Heart" and "Real Folk Blues" This is only my second Otakon and I didn't get to Otacafe last year so I really hope I'll get a chance *and the courage* to sing this year!
  8. I only use "teh" in jest, like "Big O is teh suck" and that's rarely, I can't imagine misspelling it repeatedly O_o
  9. Anything Sailor Moon of course. I always keep my eyes out for Moon-tasticness! I also wanna buy a bunch of DVDs. I haven't been building my non-anime DVD collection because my boyfriend has a HUGE DVD collection including an ever growing blu-ray collection so when we move into together it'll be our shared collection so I don't see the point in my buying any non-blu ray DVDs. Anime, however, I don't see coming to blu-ray until it's considered the norm, which I know wouldn't be for years, so I can stock up on THAT as much as I want. I definitely need to bulk up my anime DVD collection.
  10. Does anyone remember those light brown M&Ms? I miss those!
  11. I'm a big stickler for proper spelling and not huge on online abbreviations. I'm always careful of spelling in e-mails and on fine message boards such as this one (thanks to Mac's lovely feature that automatically underlines misspelled words in any document or website I post on). I'm not super picky about the way other people do it per say. I mean, I'm not the type to nitpick or point something out or anything, but sometimes I don't get how people can spell words incorrectly that we learned in, oh, first or second grade? Like my friend who never learned the rule about removing the e wh
  12. Wow, there's a photo booth at Otakon? Didn't know that! Geez, I need to keep my eyes open this year now that I'm not a con newb and check out everything I missed last year! I <3 photo booths, they're super fun and a perfect reminder of fun times I dig the extras in that sample pic though, maybe it'll be something Otakon can swing in the future, when we get a new prez and the economy slowly starts to straighten out and we get our monies back **silliness of comment is purposeful, no worries**
  13. If there's not a print button, may I suggest using the "print screen" function and pasting that into a "paint"-like program and printing THAT out? I'm not sure what page you are referring to persay, but when you can't print something, "print screen" can be your best friend
  14. I can't really be the only Lucky Star cosplayer this year! I still haven't seen any mention of Lucky Star cosplay, and I've been keeping an eye out since Otakon last year. It's so popular, I didn't think I could possibly be the only one cosplaying it. Anyone know someone cosplaying it that doesn't frequent the boards perhaps? Let me hear from Lucky Star fans, lemme know you're still out there!
  15. I've only gone one year, last year But the most amazing part for me, besides all the awesome new friends I made of course, was meeting Steve Blum! He was the coolest celeb I've ever met for sure! He stayed hours after the projected autograph time to sign autographs for every single person in line. Then when we got to him *finally* and asked for a picture (I was dressed as Faye Valentine and the guy behind me, who became my line buddy, was dressed as Spike. So a bunch of people took a picture with the three of us. The coolest part *besides the awesome picture- http://i15.photobucke
  16. Is it sad that I was so focused on the con last year that I don't remember seeing ANY food.....anything? I should pay more attention this time around!
  17. I haven't seen anyone else talking about cosplaying Lucky Star this year!!! I was hoping for a photo gathering but I haven't heard anyone else talking about cosplaying Lucky Star at all. I'm going as Konata in her school uniform Thursday night/ Sunday, Konata as Haruhi Suzumiya Friday and Akira Kogami Saturday!
  18. Wowzers! I remember working at my first job in a bakery when the manhole on Main Street right outside blew off. It sounded like an explosion, it was nuts! Crumpling a car roof? That's so scary....I can't imagine being the person in that car!!
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