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  1. Looking into some commission work now. But if money works out, and commission info is agreeable: This oufit from Kuroshitsuji vol. 6 of Ciel Phantomhive. http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg284/m...CielV6Cover.jpg
  2. Old School Toonami! Sailor Moon Tenchi Muyo Ronin Warriors maybe Soul Eater?
  3. Holy Crap! You guys make umbrella's? Like Real "Otakon [insert year here]" Umbrella's?! Why wasn't I aware of this?! I so would have purchased one!
  4. keep seeing from posts on the 12th that people trying to book for the hilton weren't able to get rooms. I booked on the 13th, and it worked perfectly fine. I got my room for check in on the 16th and check out on the 20th? maybe ya'll are doing something wrong? I do agree that the bum-rush on booking is a little crazy and slightly unfar, but isn't the blame of the new booking system Otakon has in place now through the site. I think it works just fine.
  5. By all accounts, it was awesome. There was certainly a lot of interest in it -- we turned away dozens of people at the door because the room was full. I talked to the performer afterwards and he was ecstatic.
  6. Good Jesus in Heaven! Might be checking for alternatives.
  7. Anyone hae any clues about the parking for the new hilton? What are the fee's?
  8. Yeah you should, if you purchased anything from them via card. They did finally take the money out... today. Which is why I'm glad I didn't spend the money. I wasvery close to pulling half of that out to pay a bill that needs paying now. I'm very angry that it took them a week to take the money out, considering I checked in on a non-weekend night. Well, for now on I am paying rooms in cash. I usually do anyways, but I didn't stop to get the cash this year.
  9. Place I stayed: Marriott Inner Harbor Number of Guests in Room: 2 Hotel Staff: Nice, but I could tell they were getting stressed by the all the guests from the con. Walk to the Con: About 3 minutes The Good: Beds are absolutely amazing! Rooms were decently sized. Staff cleaned rooms every day, and even left eye make up remover. I'm assuming they noticed someone was using vast amounts of make-up. To see that the staff noticed, and was willing to accomodate spoke volumes. The Bad: Way too pricey. We booked at con rate, and the room still came to 700. No free intern
  10. Dragon Head vols. 8,9,10 Nana vol. 11 Nosatsu Junkie vol. 4 Knockout Makers vol. 2 High School Debut vol. 3, 4 Sailor Moon Key Chain Urahara Key Chain Gothic and Lolita Bible Beer Chan shirt "kyoot" shirt 2007 and 2008 Otakon tshirt Otakon hoodie "I love Manga" key chan Pac-man vinyl stickers for car L vinyl sticker for Car Gantz Box for vol 7-10. Rilakkuma Tea Mug Naruto mug
  11. I checked in Thursday Night and Checked out Sunday Morning. They swiped my card, but when I called my bank an hour later, there was no card hold with the room amount. Didn't think much of it... That is, Until I realized that calling all weekend, there was never a card hold put in the system. Sunday morning, we got the receipt saying that every thing was paid in full, and I had a zero balance. As of today, the money still hasn't been taken out, the bank says there's no withdrawal any where in their systems for the Marriott save for 72 bucks for parking, and the Marriott Hotel manager
  12. Hotel: 698.04 Gas: 95 Parking: 72 I'm not even going to count food.
  13. I don't keep a budget. Early in the year, I put away my money for the hotel. the past three years, it's always worked out that I get paid the first day of the con, and I have direct deposit. So my room is laready paid for, I make sure to bring money to eat and stuff with for thursday. I also make sure to work as much over time as possible, so that check that's deposited in my checking account at Friday Morning is usally about 1200 bucks. But I never spend more than 400. I always go with over a gran, but I keep a list of what needs to be pruchased, and get that out of the way
  14. That bad? Really? Worse than my experience at the Holiday Inn Inner Harbor this year (4 seperate keycards repeatedly stopping working, necessitating a trip back down 3 floors in the elevator/stairs to the front desk to have them re-encoded each time, 6 of such trips were made on Saturday alone, always with the admonition to keep them away from magnets and cell phones (which we DID from the very start Thursday)? Did I mention that since the room was in MY name, I had to be present each time the cards ceased working for myself and/or my 2 roommates? That sucked so much (it seems minor, b
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