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  1. It was great to be back at Otakon and see everyone again. This marked 10 years of Otakon for me and getting to do it meant a lot. It was also nice to just do something.

    The Good

    • People mostly wore their masks. I felt more or less safe -- though I'm vaccinated, don't live with anyone immunocompromised, and I had an N95 for the weekend. I thought Otakon and the WEWC staff did a good job of enforcing things. There were some times people didn't; I don't think 100% enforcement is possible, but I thought it was about as good as it could be. I am looking forward to when people don't have to treat attending an anime con as a calculated risk, though.
    • The Discotek Panel was wild. My first one, and it was very memorable! That Gunbuster announcement is already a very fond memory.
    • I really enjoyed the Sword Lesbians in Anime, Anime From 1991, and Retro Game Challenge by Gameshow Impossibru/Manly Battleships. Those were some very fun panels and very memorable.
    • The Studio Trigger cosplay photoshoot was such fun.
    • While some old standbys were gone from the Dealer's Room... the Lunar Toy Store and the Japanese import booth were both fantastic and I believe new. I found some really great things at both.

    The Bad

    • The line out of the Marriott. It looked scary. I didn't stay in that hotel, but coming back from a cosplay photoshoot was pretty harrowing.
    • A lot of old standbys in the Dealer's Room weren't there -- I missed Kinokuniya, a video game store from New York, and then booths by Right Stuf, Nozomi, and other industry types. I was sad to see them not there at all. I realize this might be COVID in general.
    • Chinatown took a hit. So many closed places. Here's hoping new ones will come along.

    The Ugly

    • I'm glad Wild Bill's Soda is there... in other years. Having a way for people to regularly pull their mask down for a drink -- and congregate in one area -- made me a little nervous. 
  2. I don't think we know (yet); I am not sure if we will, as the finances may be a little hard to put a number to depending on what can be negotiated, what goes right, and what goes wrong. 

    But here's hoping! I donated. I'd gladly buy things if there's a fundraiser -- like an art package or anything else they can get together.

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