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  1. lol this is an awesome idea and it needs to happen. i have a friend who can actually sing shining collection. maybe i'll make him do the otaku idol!!! I wonder if anyone would be interested in seeing that lol.
  2. How big is the stage for Otacafe? Me and friends want to perform some songs with our own instruments that we're bringing and we'll have some equipment...wondering if there would be enough room. Anyone have a pic or can give me the dimensions of the room/stage? Thanks!
  3. Thanks a lot for your replies everyone. There won't be anything like Otaku Idol this year? And can someone tell me more about Ota-cafe's band night? Also, could someone tell me more about the people who got together and met on their own to play music? How does that work and how to find such people? Thanks!!
  4. I have a question. My friends and I are interested in doing a cosplay band. What we would do is wear the costume of the characters in the anime and perform as the band featured in the anime with real live instruments and singing. We are interested in performing Shining Collection from Gravitation as the band Nittle Grasper. The only question I have is, I realize there is a time limit and the song is over 5 minutes not including set up and break down time. Would the masquerade be an appropriate place to feature us? Is there perhaps a chance for us to perform as an exhibition group - not judged
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