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  1. From the awesome 10 for $40 manga deal I got: -Real Bout High School vol. 1-4 -Gunslinger Girl vol. 1 & 2 -Love Hina 1, 4 & 5 (they were out of 2 & 3) -Kurohime vol. 1 Gurren Lagann wallscroll Eureka 7 wallscroll Otakon 2008 t-shirt 2 other t-shirts and ridiculous amounts of swag (too much to list and I'm lazy ) Picking out wallscrolls was hard work this year >.<;; I eventually got those 2 in a 2 for $25 deal on sunday. I was really hoping for a C.C. wallscroll but all there was was LELOUCHE! Everywhere LELOUCHE!! I could be seen ranting by the
  2. I miss my long hair....I had a ponytail halfway down my back...now it's an inch or two long...
  3. Pudding makes me sleepy....*snore* Taking care of drunk throwing up people instead of sleeping = not a fun night. I did read volumes 4 and 5 of Immortal Rain as I was doing it, though! Yaaay for reading good manga!
  4. Otakon>Zenkaikon>Shikkaricon I require sleep now....
  5. I'll be sleeping at home for the first night since September 1st. Wow....it's been a while hahaha
  6. .....lengthened words! x-japan and fireballs using your hand and a lighter ftw
  7. ShadowPyro125 I only ever play social because ranked ends up annoying. It's nice and dandy if you win, but if you have a bad game it can eff up your rank and the rest of the team's rank and that happened too much in Halo 2 with my friends who played WAY too much and cared about their rank online way too much so it just got annoying. But yea, go ahead and add me, I like playing with people I can babble at.
  8. 16 kills 1 death shotty snipers on Last Resort ....epic match...they couldn't TOUCH me mwhahahahahaha
  9. Yea, my friend showed me the link when they announced it. Now I'll HAVE to end up getting a PSP.....annoying...I wasn't going to..... Hopefully the price for PSP's will drop a bit more by the time Birth by Sleep comes out. I'm sure it will have plenty of storyline necessary just as KH CoM did. I really wish they would release a US Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ Judging by these 3 new releases it looks as if they haven't really been thinking too much about that....
  10. Yes, I did in fact write a 3 page paper in an hour. Yes, it was in fact due 25 minutes after I finished it. Yes, I am in fact, the master procrastinator. ....this needs to stop.....>.<;;
  11. Ugh, I don't feel like waking up for classes tomorrow ;o; Then I have to do laundry. Boooo having to do things...*yawn* eDIt: Nobody has posted so instead of double-posting. September 19th Weird, I don't feel like I'm turning 19 today. That is all.
  12. Under my very special circumstances right now, it's terrible. But generally for anyone who goes to college, it's a great experience. It's very different and there are a lot of things to do compared to high school. Maybe I'm just too selfish...I dont know... The soft serve ice cream machine is working again, so that was a plus for today.
  13. Nothing in the world could ever prepare you for what's truely out there in the world..... Hell of a start to my life in college....
  14. There's a new one at least everyday, but I generally check this place a couple times a day for 2 seconds, so there may be a lot more. Food here is EXCELLENT! Even though all I had was a salad and a slice of pizza and an ice cream WAFFLE cone lol. There were delicious sweet cherry tomatoes! I used to HATE tomatoes! It's amazing. I start class tomorrow. How weird is it that I'm excited to start school?.....
  15. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is one of the most twistedly random hilarious anime I have ever seen <3 I just watched 5 hours instead of sleeping because I just couldn't stop watching it.... ...who needs sleep anyway, right?...... well since nobody has said anything else and i wouldn't want to double post.... Sept 2, 2007: Just moved into Rider U! weeeeeeeee
  16. Are you sure you didn't just get caught on a REALLY bad year? I've been staying at the Radisson the past two years and this year was actually pretty awesome.... I'm nervous, though...everyone is saying they're already sold out and I might not be able to even try reserving for a couple days due to funding issues (my sister and I are both in college....yea...'nuff said...). I don't have a credit card or anything yet or I would have reserved a room earlier under my own name :/ I like the Radisson...and it's nice and close by so I can just walk there... ;o;
  17. Envigorating, isn't it? You get so full of energy from that pure hatred. I love leveling up to 12 before you fight Leon in Traverse Town in Kingdom Hearts. You feel so........godly when you can smite heartless so...
  18. Oh my god why the lsjfda am I only even remotely shy when it involves romance?! *stomps away*
  19. Hahaha, I can definitely agree with Halo since I'm sure plenty of people will bring those helmets you can get along with Halo 3 if you reserved one.
  20. Well, of course there will be a lot of mainstream things......that's why they are mainstream. (duh) There were plenty of new and old hidden gems throughout the dealer's room. I hauled out $250 worth of awesome stuff, personally. None of it being mainstream, to be honest. Also, to your "hope of opening up a dialog" (nice choice of words...), there is most certainly something for everybody at Otakon. I keep seeing people whining about a lack of J-Rock, when just last year the musical guests were just as different as they are every year. I'm pretty sure Otakon caters to everyone's taste
  21. I never bothered to try to dodge lightning 200 times consecutively in FFX. If you do 100 laps around the 3 pools in the beginning of the north area of the thunder plains a little to the left it's the easiest friggin' thing in the world. *is mid-way through it now* Yes, I'll probably screw up and get hit before I get 200, but the second try of this technique shall prevail! 8)
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