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  1. Anime cons: Otakon 2000-2014 (taking a break; 1 year attendee, 2 years gofer/TCG, 13 years staff): 15 Anime Boston 2004-2015 (1 year attendee, 11 years staff): 12 Neko-Con 1999 (attendee): 1 NYAF 2009 (Dealer/Attendee): 1 Providence Anime Conference (there was only one and I staffed it) 2008: 1 ANEXT 2009 (Staff): 1 MangaNext 2008 (Staff): 1 Cross platform cons: Momocon 2013-2014 (attendee): 2 Gaming conventions: Too Many Games 2013: 1 Comic Cons: NYCC 2009-Present: 6 SDCC 2012, 2013, 2015: 3 Special Edition 2014-2015: 2 I think if I counted right, that is 45, I am not counting numerous trade shows I attend as well. I have MOST of my badges. I have all my Otakon badges. Everything else may still be around.
  2. New forum is new....O_O

    1. KaotiK


      is Cousinsue, the administrator who hasn't been around for 4 days, the only one that can finish validating new accounts or do mods have that authority too? And if so how often does she log in? I noticed another user while searching member lists that was never finished validating for 7 months, I don't want to end up like that guy. Commenting because I'm limited on sending messages. >.<