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  1. New forum is new....O_O

    1. KaotiK


      is Cousinsue, the administrator who hasn't been around for 4 days, the only one that can finish validating new accounts or do mods have that authority too? And if so how often does she log in? I noticed another user while searching member lists that was never finished validating for 7 months, I don't want to end up like that guy. Commenting because I'm limited on sending messages. >.<

  2. We were only talking about what every newbie needs to know about... Which is fine, but when the topic starts getting side comments, it starts going OT. If you have further comments or questions about this, please direct them to me personally via PM. /Resume topic of being Newbies to Otakon.
  3. Our Dealer's room head is currently out of the country, so please be paitent in awaiting a reply. It might be a week or so til he gets back to you. And Motoki-o, I understand your concern for correcting someone's spelling of Otakon, but next time, instead of posting your concerns on the forum and taking things off topic, please contact the person via PM. Resume topic
  4. Low Carb Monster, Zero Carb Rockstar, and Rockstar shots are my poisons of choice when I need the boost really bad. ...that or a large coffee with 4 shots of espresso.
  5. I think one of my favorite, memorable encounters about Otakon was at BWI after the convention and getting into a discussion with a couple fans who were on the same flight with me..and finding out that one of them was a forum user who was shocked to find out who I was lol. I also had an Otakon encounter while on the train to NYC last month. I was on the phone with a staffer discussing some con business when someone asked me if I worked for Otakon.
  6. As someone who stayed in the hotel last month, I can assure that the Hilton has heavy duty blinds that block out the lights.
  7. I'll have our web people look into this. There might be a issue in our back end on this. Thank you for letting us know.
  8. Topic please (Please PM the explanation of the Star Trek Cycle to Pako Pako if you know what it is)
  9. Deep breath, RELAX. People are entitled to like what they want to like and should NOT have to get heated over their personal choices. Schala, PyronIkari, if you want to continue it between the two of you, TAKE IT off the forum and to the PMs. Any further snitting back and forth between the two in this topic and the thread WILL be locked. ~Topic Please
  10. Topic please, this is about Programming Ideas for Otakon 2009. Thanks
  11. I just want Japanese cosmetics. I can get Shu Uemura and the regular Shiseido cosmetics here in the states, but I would love to get my hands on Majolica Majorca (The Shiseido stuff I REALLY want to try), Etude House, Jill Stuart, and Kanebo. Yeah..I should mention that I am a cosmetics freak...@_@
  12. I edited the topic title.....because it was kinda misleading to say driving through the BCC and I was having visions of people driving into the BCC instead of through it. O_O
  13. Katsucon's website Should have all of that info you need that you just asked.
  14. I wonder how long that took... Amusingly, I never actually saw them IN their makeup. But from prior rock band experience, I'm thinking that the term "brutally efficient" might be appropriate. Jim hit the nail on the head. It must have been about an hour or so for them to get themselves ready...make up, hair, and all.
  15. No, this is not allowed, especially if it was someone who wasn't selling in the Dealer's Room as dealer or an Artist in the Alley. For future reference, if you ever see anyone selling stuff outside the of the Alley or Dealer's Room, report it to a staffer immediately. Stuff like that is considered solicitation which is NOT allowed in the BCC.
  16. 1. Making the members of The Underneath laugh when we discovered cream cheese on the front my dark blue jeans. 2. Watching the members of The Daizystrippers get their hair and make up done (I am a cosmetics/beauty nut, so this was awesome) 3. Having the pleasure of working in a new area of the con I would have never saw myself working and enjoying almost every minute of it lol. 4. This was post con, but talking to a member of the BBS at the airport and getting a huge hug from her when she found out I was "MC". It made my day even though I was half asleep at the time. 5. The attendee
  17. Not to down the idea, but to place a realistic spin on this: In a short answer, no, there would not be enough staff to do an officially sanctioned Edo Meet Up. We hardly had enough staff to cover registration, Spec Ops, and various other places this year where we truly needed people. These sort of meet ups should be done outside the staff realm and are usually out of our control (as they should be, because our staff really need to be in the BCC taking care of things in there)...and for staff to arrange a Thursday night gathering, it wouldn't happen. Thursday is our set up day. All staff
  18. $204: Round Trip Ticket to Baltimore from Providence $380: Food and Money spent in dealer's room, taxi fare, The Alley, Forever 21, and other places.. Total: $584
  19. Working on the con all year round prevents me from dwelling on post con depression lol.
  20. Place I stayed: Sheraton Inner Harbor Number of people in room: 4 Hotel Staff: Incredibly helpful and polite. The best I have dealt with in my years of going to Otakon since 2000. Walk to the con center: Like a 1 minute walk from the BCC The bad: Small bathrooms, no fridge or microwave in the regular guest rooms. The group of people screaming in the hallway on Saturday night at 3AM where I actually poked my head out the door and told them to be quiet or I'll call the front desk to complain since other Otakon staffers were on that floor trying to get sleep, no free internet. The
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