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  1. Dang. Logged into the 'my tickets' section. Don't see any tracking info :(
  2. I received mine today. A big sigh of relief. Remain hopeful everyone who is still waiting. They are on their way!
  3. Just got home. No badge nor tracking info. Bought this thing back at the beginning of April. I wonder what order they started processing these in?
  4. I am glad to see people receiving badges. I hope I get mine soon. The friends of mine who did, ordered a week after I did. I'm sure there are 100 different reasons they got theirs first though.
  5. Yeah, I am hoping either I get a tracking number prior to delivery so I can work from home that day or if it does come sans tracking number. The postman puts it in my mailbox like a boss.
  6. Yeah, I agree with marii. My friends said it was in their mailbox. They didn't even have to sign for theirs. Thanks for the update, Dallas.
  7. Friends of mine received theirs as well. Hope I get mine soon.
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