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  1. One, I like the baseball game idea for Thursday night. It sounds really fun and as a Baltimorean I love the Orioles, even if they do kinda suck. I went to a game last season too and it certainly was not expensive. It just all depends on the seats you pick.
  2. One more question about the listing of the people staying in the hotel room. Does this mean that the hotel will be checking to make sure that the names of the people match when you check in? I'm concerned about that mostly because my friends staying likely will not all arrive at the same time and possibly not even all on the same day. This year all had planned to arrive on Thursday but due to unforeseen last minute circumstances, two were not able to arrive until separate times on Friday. I figured it likely had to do with people overfilling their rooms, but unless the hotel is actually checki
  3. Yeah, I was certainly disappointed that the category was not shown, however I do understand that if the convention is advised not to show something rather legally iffy like this that it would be a bad idea to go ahead and do so.
  4. Well, I was a little confused when I saw the new Otakon housing system, but I decided to use it and booked my room at the Holiday Inn as soon as I got home yesterday. I didn't really like that I had to include the names of the people staying with me. I listed the names of the people most likely to be able to come next year, but it's still nearly a year in advance, things come up and I will have that number of people, but I can't be positive it'll be the ones I listed. I'm hoping that that will not be an issue because when you book right through the hotel they don't ask questions like that.
  5. Well I'm staying in the Holiday Inn and can't check in until 4. So I'll check in between 4 and 5, depending on when I get off work, wait for the others in my room to get down there, probably grab something to eat at California Tortilla, and hop in line around 6:30/7. I'm sure that the line will be moving fairly fast by then.
  6. On Friday and Saturday I will be going dressed as Ike. I'm not sure which shoot I'm going to yet, need to see the schedule first. The cloth parts of my costume are nearly done and I'm in the middle of working on Ike's sword. I'll be cutting it close but it will be finished for Otakon.
  7. I agree with the earlier poster who said that it's not so much a decline in good amvs as it is an increase in lower quality ones. I always go to AMV.org if I want to look for amvs, never youtube. I feel youtube just isn't a good choice for amvs which rely so heavily on sound and videos on youtube tend to have a slight sound delay that can really throw off timing. I still go to the AMV contest and there's generally always at least a few amvs in it that I really enjoy.
  8. Don't know how likely any of these are to appear on badges, but here are the ones I would love to see: -Tsubasa Chronicle -xxxholic -Gintama -Death Note -Code Geass -Ouran Host Club -Outlaw Star -Junjou Romantica (for all of us yaoi fangirls) -Devil May Cry
  9. Well, this year I'm gonna try to limit myself to only $200 in the dealers room and $50 in artist alley. I can see myself possibly spending maybe $50 more in each place, but I really need to hold back if I can because I need to help pay for my college expenses. I don't really have a food budget, but I plan to limit myself to eating out to once a day, though I'll probably ending up doing it twice some days. The hotel fortunately will only cost me around $120 total.
  10. For Thursday and Sunday I'll be Subaru from Tokyo Babylon in his red jacket outfit and for Friday and Saturday I'll be Ike from Super Smash Bros. Brawl/Fire Emblem.
  11. -pictochat -Pokemon Diamond -watching anime on my ipod -playing Song Summoner -reading whatever manga I happen to buy in the dealer's room -taking photos of passing cosplayers -listening to music
  12. I don't believe it was around last year, though it's possible it was, but I definitely plan on eating at the Panera Bread this year. It's right across the street from the Barnes and Noble and Hard Rock and of course their food is absolutely delicious.
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