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  1. http://orobouros.net/2008/otakon2008/index.html About 950 posted photos between convention coverage, masquerade, Rakugo performance, JAM Project concert, and eight photoshoots. Download full sized images via the download button next to individual images. Report and links coming later.
  2. yeah, the only reason i found out about the bulk rooms was because i was talking to the operator to reserve a room and shes like oh theres 50 rooms still available at so-so hotel, then when we went to reserve it, she said oops, someone just took the all of them
  3. So...wait...the rates posted on that link are NOT the con rates? >.>
  4. I think I've been waiting 15 years for this, so I'll be there!
  5. Though I think it is fair to say that while Baltimore is a decent city, "normal" and "upstanding" are still not particularly appropriate adjectives for its residents. Maybe that's just from living in Charles Village for four years. Actually, my story goes like this. It was in 2005 or 2006, and a lady in the passenger seat of an SUV rolled down her window and asked me what was going on. (They usually think I'm a reporter or something.) Specifically, she asked, "What's with all the people in funny clothes?" I replied, "There's a baseball game going on in that stadium over there!"
  6. Hrm, it seems the Holiday Inn's regular rate is the same as their "con" rate. At $200 a night, I don't think that's still such a bad deal. Though I do suspect they'll have lower con rates next year -- that is, in 2009. The new Hilton is contractually obligated to provide a lot of rooms (think several hundred, maybe as many as 600) at a very reasonable price. That price is not excessively cheap, but it is supposed to be around $160 or so. Given all the benefits of the new hotel, the other hotels are going to have to lower prices to compete. Well, maybe. Even if all 720 rooms ar
  7. I know there are restrictions on videotaping the masquerade, but I've been told one reason is that the 1st Mariner Arena would either (a) require a fee for filming inside or (or and) ( comcast has exclusive rights to filming inside the 1st Mariner Arena. Were there any ComCast cameras there?
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