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  1. For those of you who braved the AWFUL "VG Spoofs" Friday night after the tech difficulties with AMV Champloo, I bow down to your fortitude and patience. I very much appreciate the wonderful reaction our annual project received this year, so thanks to you all for toughing it out.

    I'd like to get some reviews, reactions, and whatever clips you saw as highlights. My other editors are dying to know what you think of their work.

    And it's only going to be better for AMV Salad 3! For now, I'll have a download link for you all by the end of the week (still getting over being sick all weekend :().

    So...AMV Salad 2: the Second Serving...love it? Hate it? Don't know what to think (because a few clips in there were pretty...you know)? ;)

  2. Of course, Greyhound couldn't have rerouted us back to Norfolk, VA. We usually go through Salisbury to get to Baltimore and it takes all of six hours total. Sunday night, however, it took 7 just to get TO Salisbury from Baltimore, and then we had to wait another three hours for a bus to ship us back home. And none of the people taking up two seats by themselves would let me and my wife be together for this part of the ride.

    And I was sick all weekend. I hope some of those inconsiderate so-and-sos caught what I'm just now getting over. Anyway, the usual six-hour trip took all of 13. Talk about it being "not my weekend,"...I want a do-over... ^_^

  3. I like to wander the Inner Harbor with everyone who is in our room. We typically don't have a set plan or anything, but that makes it an adventure. Last year, we arrived to the hotel, threw our stuff in the room, took advantage of the "reception" snacks, went for a swim, put ourselves back together, and (by this time it was around 7:pm-ish) got our badges. We then gawked at some cosplayers, which I took photos of, and we made our way to Easy Wok (RIP :D) for dinner.

    It beat the hell out of the two years before when for 2005 I was alone for my first Otakon and didn't find a Thursday night room until pre-reg line (but those people were funny and their group was awesome - one of them turned me on to Peelander Z) and 2006 when we made the mistake of booking at Tremont Plaze (try rolling your six-month pregnant wife back and forth in a wheelchair on THAT route). Last year we were organized and even more so this year.

    I'm very excited to hang with our group Thursday night, just the nine of us... ;)

  4. Why am I not receiving alerts to this thread being updated? :D

    I'm the drummer unless someone is desperate for a bass player.

    So far I know six songs me and at least two other people wanted to do:

    * Haruka Kanata

    * Rewrite

    * Ichirin no Hana (full version???)

    * Last Dinosaur

    * Stay Away

    * Real Folk Blues

    I'm a bit worried about 'Hana and 'Blues because they're not as straightforward as the others. I guess I just want to be sure everyone playing those songs knows the actual chords and such (let's face it: Yoko Kanno has a bent for jazz).

    Anywho,...who is willing to meet on Thursday so we know who is "serious" about performing? ;)

  5. Okay...I haven't been receiving alerts to this thread so I fell behind some.

    I have a guitarist and a female vocalist for the time. I'm the drummer for this particular outfit but am willing to rawk out with any of you.

    "What's Up People"...It's not as simple as it sounds but I will perform it with whomever wants to organize it.

    "Ichirin no Hana"...can also do.

    "Ride On Shooting Star"...YES!


    Here's the deal. You want a drummer who is flexible enough to play any song, I'm your hookup. Name a time and I'll be there. Give me the songs you want to do on this thread and I'll be ready.

    I even have a name for any group which may form out of this melange: TIGER BOMB! It's been something I've wanted to use for a long time now and this seems like a good enough occasion. :)

    Who wants to organize?

  6. Let's see...it sounds so far like we have three people who could conceivably perform "Real Folk Blues."

    If we can raise anyone else to do so, I'd also be totally down for "Rewrite," "Ride On Shooting Star" (shouldn't be too hard to learn), or any other song we can rock out with. Seriously, if we can get a singer / vocalist and can agree on just two or three songs then we'll tear the place down...

  7. Oh, dear GAWD no!

    It's bad enough we have Jedi, Jack Sparrow, and most likely Sweeney Todd wandering Otakon. Never mind I've been doing RHPS for going on 14 years and would like to get away from it once in a while...like during Otakon. :wacko:

  8. AMV Salads

    AMV Salad: With More Crunchy Bits and AMV Salad 2: the Second Serving

    What it would be:

    This is a panel which doubles as a independent screening of the multi-editor project once known as AMV Hell 3.14 and its sequel, which will be brand new and never before seen in public. There would be a nutshell-variety retelling of this video's journey from animemusicvideos.org to the convention circuit, the trials and troubles encountered along the way (including why this thing had to be renamed so many times), and continuing success.

    The videos would be classified PG-13 to be safe. All I would need is a room, a big screen, and a DVD projector.

    What do you think? So far, there were three successful showings of the first reel at Otakon last year (as a pre-show for the fan parodies)). NekoCon was the most recent stop of this project's (so far) successful convention "tour." I am in the process of serving up the Salad to Katsucon, which is currently trying to place this video within programming.

    I am working to add TekkoshoCon VI and perhaps Anime Espo to the itinerary.

    Perhaps the sequel can be shown to the general audience as they file in for Masquerade? If not, we could have multiple night screenings (like we did last year)..? I'm *cough-a whore-cough* open to suggestions...

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