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  1. ok just for the update we have our first meeting date set its thursday january 29th we have a messege board up too so if anyone wants to get on or join the club give it a look http://www.runboard.com/bmontgomerycountyanimesociety
  2. i just found out about claymore MAN that show is sweet
  3. come on people i know your looking at the post give me a little feed back
  4. hey everyone me and a friend are starting an anime club in montgomery county we realized theres other ones near us and we wanted to go to them but it was kinda hard to get out to them either it was too early for us night people or too far away so we deicided to start our own its gonna be at the horsham public library at 435 Babylon Rd if you need directions let me know and also since were amatures at this whole thing were not gonna turn down some friendly help we have a myspace group up for more info on it http://groups.myspace.com/MontCoAnimeSoc
  5. hey does anyone know anyone who can do good plushie style costumes ive been looking all over the place and nothing id rather pay someone who does it for fun rather then pay someone who does it for a living...or someone who makes a living doing it for fun...but either way cause people do better work when theyre having fun with it
  6. can anyone tell me a good web site or somethign maybe a person who can make really good plushie style costumes cause i wanna do bonta-kun but i dont know of anywhere to get it and i kinda suck at stuff like that
  7. i ruine friendships with that game lol my friend was freaking out cause hes doing the mirror mode and they like to hit him with everything they have all at once at the very end of the race
  8. www.wild-eyes.com this place is completly professional you need to hae an eye exam to get them because they fit the size of your eyes im not sure if the other web sites do that you can also order these at certain optometrists i recomend looking at the white outs
  9. im probubly gonna do the end from metal gear solid 3 and if i can pull it off im gonna be doing bonta-kun from full metal panic fumafu
  10. well the few live action movies they played at otakon i caught were really cool like tokyo gore police was so awesome but in that really bad kinda way and the other one that i saw that i really liked was train man
  11. lol alright im gonna assume my idea was read and people though what thats dumb but its ok im not bitter well at anyrate we got a looooong time to figure out whats going on that night im all for a baseball game or harry potter it would sweet if they could get a room for it the night before and think about it it really doesnt matter if its not otaku related cause think about it this way its the night before the con so it doesnt have to be otaku
  12. yeah im really curious as to what scuma is when it comes to dealign with homeless people i usually take them where they wanna get stuff so i know my money isnt going into their arm or something like that but hey even if they tell me they want some booz i get em some booz for being honest
  13. well i do love me my baseball and i know at the phillies games you can get cheap tickets were talking like $10-$16 tickets but i would definitly love to see the new harry potter more if theres enough people that want to ge in on this i would be willing to rent a trolly or bus or something along those lines and we could get a group thing heading down there but as i am not a rich man i would need a head count before hand and would need people to pay me back once again this would be if we had enough people on it to make it cheap enough for everyone and hey if nothing else why dont we
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