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  1. Which is why, despite the opening time, many folks here on the boards who are familiar with standing in the Thursday pre-registration line suggest coming around 7-7:30pm. The line is never short by any means, but it moves faster and the sun's going down by then. Of course pre-registering is faster than registration at the convention. All you really have to do then is pick up your badge. If you're coming Friday morning and want to miss as little as possible, pre-registration's the way to do it.
  2. MOVE was already mentioned. For all those mixing compilations for the trip, I'd recommend "Linda Linda" recently covered by MXPX. I'm also a big fan of rolling into Baltimore rocking The Black Mages.
  3. ... and in case anyone's interested in how late Houlihan's is open (assuming their website is up to date, and barring any other changes) they're open 'til 12 midnight (bar 'til 1am). They're located on pier 4.
  4. I'm with MC on quad shots. That and a mountain dew amp energy drink, and I'm usually golden. Only when I need a little pick me up or have a taste for them though. As far as b-12 is concerned I usually get a 'healthy dose' of that every day in the vitamins I take (to the tune of about 417% per vitamin). Though interestingly enough I cut back to nothing but water come convention time. Are you asking about or mentioning energy drinks and supplements for recommendations, trying to stay up for extended hours, or find out what people keep energized on 'at con'? Just curious.
  5. While I've already suggested that the dance move (to accommodate the growing number of people who seem to attend), I do have some concerns. 1. Is this area far enough away from the rooms to avoid waking people up with the music? 2. How well ventilated will this space be (I hope this doesn't need to be explained)? 3. Can the area meet the electrical needs (all that equipment has to suck some serious juice)? 4. Would the carpet cleaning bill be cheaper or more expensive? 5. Are there accessible bathrooms nearby? 6. How would bag check be handled (or would there even be one)? 7.
  6. I'm a fan of Megazone 23. To be fair though it's being RE-released as a complete collection. Details later (I haven't watched it in a few months). Other 'older' (I wouldn't really call much anime old) titles that I'd recommend: Venus Wars, Five Star Stories, Vampire Hunter D, Casshan, Maetel Legend (and anything Matsumoto for that matter), Iria, ... So many to choose from. Besides D all of those fall squarely in sci-fi. I know for a fact that all of these titles have been available on dvd in the last 5 years (they're sitting on my shelf) the question is whether you can still get them or not. I
  7. I'd like to correct myself. It seems Beast King Golion was packaged differently and actually HAS concluded.
  8. FYI ... If I remember correctly, I read that the last company producing standalone VCR's finally stopped making them recently (like this past fall). ... Yup assuming engadget is correct here Side note: Beast King Golion is still coming out, but Voltron (the lions portion anyway) is all released now (Vehicle Voltron part one is out and part 2 is coming 1/27)
  9. Glad to see some 'further explanatory' light shed on this previously perplexing story. It certainly makes quite a bit more sense now.
  10. Oh. You mean how just because something is perverted and obscene doesn't mean it's actually doing any harm to anyone? Yeah. A pen and some paper can be a mighty danger to society (warning: that was sarcasm). Still, how anyone finds any appeal in that material is beyond me. Maybe some form of mandatory counseling would be a more suitable punishment seeing as how there are clearly some issues there.
  11. I'm wondering how this even came together. He's got manga that somehow was seen by someone who was offended by it? ... and they saw fit to alert authorities? Who knows this guy well enough to check out his collection, but finds the material offensive enough to do that? Is that how this reads to anyone else, or is it something initiated by all this federal-government-monitoring-your-every-move kind of surveillance? I'm just baffled.
  12. I was not happy with the announcement. That was a real letdown. ... but how they did end it ... lets just say 'bang'
  13. Possibly ones who go to con during the peak of summer and sometimes dress in large, heavy, poorly ventilated costumes?
  14. I think the grammar of your post hurt my brain a little. Now on to the topic at hand. Driving through there is cool, but I usually go up a block (N), over 2 (W), and down (S) to 395 South out of the city. The Hyatt's an expensive lot to park in, but it's 24 hour, easy to get in and out of, and almost always has spaces on floors 5 and 6. I take it you have to go that way to get out of the city from where you're parked. It must be nice to get to go through there when you leave. I see there's a down side to that though. Sorry to hear you're bummed. I do remember doing that. I always get a cool se
  15. I think the problem was that you didn't link to the images, you just posted them directly (double posting aside). It's in the rules, but usually someone at least lets you know when that's the case. Sorry to go O.T. like that. Just figured you'd want to know.
  16. Thank Funimation. (Thank them lots - buy the stuff) I know I'm picking up the end of When they cry. There are others but I'm most excited about that.
  17. That made my day. I can't type anything that would convey how excited I am about that. Just ... YAY!
  18. The Hyatt across from the convention center costs 27 dollars per day, but they're open 24 hours.
  19. I happened upon that little tidbit of info thanks to a 'bleach the movie' post somewhere around the boards (if my memory hasn't failed me again, that is). I have my ticket for Wed at 7:30. The full list of theaters is available at fathomevents.com. There are two showings, both at 7:30 pm - one on Tues 5/20 and one on Wed 5/21. The full list is here--> http://www.fathomevents.com/news/default.aspx?newsid=122
  20. I disagree with flcl and voices of a distant star. Voices was touching in a good way, but way too short. ... but Fafner, now that was painful.
  21. Oh ok, I didnt consider that some people stayed 4 nights. I guess that makes some sense if you're flying in from across the country or from another country. Im from Washington, DC so Ive already seen Baltimore's sights 100s of times Personally I'm only staying 3 nights (Th-Sa) but I missed con rates last year (so approximately $390 per night if i remember correctly). I'll be under $900 (on the room - with the con rate) this year and have a second bed in the room that I've offered up to 2 people (no takers yet - kinda feel weird even offering). It's really not about the money. I don'
  22. Hotel fee for those who don't split a room is pretty high. I spent about 1500 last year, but most of that was hotel (about 1300). Parking, food, merch, my con membership itsself. I was 'prepared' for more, but there's rarely any reason I spend much more than I did in the dealers room or on food. If I saw that one thing that cost an arm and a leg that I just had to have though...
  23. Gurren Lagann, new Welcome to the NHK, Hell Girl. Not much else (there are more, I just can't remember what the titles are).
  24. Ah, well thanks for the clarification. Having never used a service (priceline, hotels.com, etc.) to book a hotel that detail seems to have escaped me. Good to know though.
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