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  1. Just sent it. Urgh, Im tired now.
  2. Ohmigosh, I didn't even realize the deadline was so close. I guess being in lab for most of the year warps time for me. Gots to get crackin' on the demo.
  3. They had called me back after taking down my name and put me on the waiting list. I loved the warning that if I didn't pick up the first call, I would lose my place on the list.
  4. Hi Tygerchibichick, It's Roxy from Otaku Idol. Anywho, what was the con rate last year? Was it a flat rate or dependent on occupancy?
  5. My sister and I originally planned to go around xmas, but my dad wants to make it a family trip so now it looks like it will be just after new year. Have to start brushing up on my japanese. I also have to plan the itinerary too. My dad's got the lodging pretty much covered.
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