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  1. there are a bunch of legalities that Otakon would be faced with if they did a breathalyzer. All you need is common sense. If someone looks trashed, show a staff member.
  2. I am glad that tickets were given out at panels for autographs (even though I don't care for them), but something other than giving them to people in the first row should be done. Something random....sorry, I don't have any ideas on how to do this. Maybe a massive and quick rock paper scissors contest at the end for people who want to stay, haha.
  3. *takes a deep breath* OMG I MADE THE DEAN'S LIST AGAIN! ....with the courses I was taking...I never thought it possible!
  4. Congratz to my friends, trace and angel, who just got married yesterday!
  5. I hope you did well on it. I hope you enjoy the weekend after that test.
  6. I just finished the MCAT. I am exhausted and my brain is fried....x.x
  7. I need to go out and buy a dress for my friend's wedding next Monday.
  8. I LOL at you! woot for wearing shorts and a tshirt on those days XD
  9. I consider you all pansies when you put on jackets in 50 degree weather! bwahahaha!
  10. Finals are over. Time to study lots before MCAT next wednesday
  11. I come home and my little brother's hair is ORANGE! x.x
  12. LAST DAY OF CLASSES *parties for 5 mins* *goes right back to studying for finals*
  13. hrm, I don't think any one of us can afford drugs with all the JRock and anime we buy...
  14. We are watching a movie in physiology today about birth. Sounds like fun! I am bringing popcorn!
  15. It is best to get them from the eye doctor anyways because I don't know how good the ones are that you order online....
  16. it does not HAVE to be a corrective prescription. Just A prescription. XD
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