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  1. I plan on cosplaying as a Vault 101 Dweller and my husband will be The Mysterious Stranger - our baby will be with us one day of the con and he will be cosplaying as a 10 month old Baby Nannerpus.
  2. Yup, that's what I was saying earlier -- the one buried in the main hotel is bigger, but more likely to have issues. The one in the in-between building is almost ideal, but until you and I touched base this week, I was under the impression it had been booked by someone else. Sound baffling is possible with sufficient pipe-and-drape.
  3. I am going to be a Vault 101 Dweller and my husband The Mysterious Stranger.
  4. Part of the problem with negotiating things slower is that the hotels will continue to allow room reservations during our negotiations. This means that the number of rooms available for us to contract a lower rate for gets smaller. For example if we don't have nearby hotels like the Days Inn contracted and signed before we release the next Otakon's dates, it will likely end up sold out just as quickly, but now everyone is paying more. Good for the hotels, not so good for our members.
  5. Cheaper rate because a reservation can always be canceled unless you book someplace like the hotel website where they offer discounted packages for paying in advance. With the new system in place a reservation costs you nothing but your credit card number (must have an expiration date beyond the con) and the time to make it. My husband and I waited to long last year so missed out on reservations and I wish we hadn't - it was okay traveling from home but I had to get up a lot earlier than normal because of my pregnancy. The good thing about not staying in a hotel is we saved money on kenneli
  6. I couldn't edit to add the links, but these are the ones I will probably do, I usually buy my tickets in advance for White Marsh, and now that they put a Coldstone Creamery in right next door I'm all over it. Easpoint: Right up Eastern Avenue about 15 minutes http://www.fandango.com/regaleastpointmovi...dvs/theaterpage and White Marsh: Right up 95 about 15 minutes http://www.fandango.com/amcloewswhitemarsh...ete/theaterpage this is right near my house, but my husband hates the Drive-In Bengies: Right up Eastern Avenue about 30 minutes http://www.fandango.com/bengiesdri
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