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  1. I'm already in line, in my mind... I lined up early on Thursday a few years ago. It was fun but I wouldn't do it again. Still, if you've never done it, it's worth doing at least once! In addition to the usual, (water, hat, sunscreen, munchies), I suggest you bring umbrellas for everyone in your group. Save you from the rain or provide some instant shade. Both are good things. For me, I plan to again get in line ~half an hour after the scheduled start time. It moved pretty well last year. I can't wait for Otakon! See you at the con.
  2. The rave should stay in the convention center. Except for the people staying at the Hilton, you would have people walking back to their hotels from the Hilton at various hours of the early morning and in smaller groups than what we have now. Not that the Inner Harbour is a dangerous area, but why add to that danger? What are the benefits of moving the rave? (lights out, later hours, more rooms) these have all been mentioned but none have been confirmed. Also, I like the feel of the convention center after midnight with the very walls pulsing to the beat of the rave
  3. Everyone who just can't wait should go to T-Mode next weeked! T-Mode is the opposite of Otakon in size, just over 200 people last year, but is packed with musical acts, (I think it's seven bands this year?) An entirely different feel. I spent a good portion of last year's T-Mode sitting on a couch in the hallway chatting with Chris Ayers... A relaxing anime con? That may be a good description. See my review and pics on the T-Mode page of atthecon.com What if everyone who went to Otakon shows up? Well, maybe not...
  4. "Forget not to show love unto strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." Hebrews 13:2 Don't be so surprised
  5. Will we be able to use the skywalk to and from the new Hilton hotel? It will probably be full in another few hours, but I'd like to know before making a reservation. Thanks!
  6. This might help! or hurt, but it's good to get it out of your system and start looking forward to next year!
  7. Otakon this year was magical, just magical. I can't quantify it. I don't know why or what was so different this year. But I think it was the people. The staffers, volunteers, and attendees. Everyone. No single highlight for me but a non-stop high from Thursday evening 'til Sunday afternoon. I'll have a short slide show type tribute video up on youtube a little later tonight... Magical, awesome, Otakon 15.
  8. If anyone has been to Origins (big gaming convention in Ohio) then you've probably seen the Looney Labs Big Experiment. http://www.wunderland.com/LooneyLabs/Origins/index.html I think that this would be a great addition to Otakon. Normally, I'd say don't mix gamers and anime fans, two different kinds of otaku, like you don't mix two different kinds of booze But the Looney games would be such a great fit for this crowd that I know it would be even more fun to have them here. I have emailed Andy Looney and asked him to consider having a Big Experiment here next year. If yo
  9. Got our hotel! In my mind I'm already waiting in that pre reg line...
  10. atthecon.com presents the Otakon 2008 Pics and Review! Lots of group and hallway shots, let us know if we found you! (Pics link on the top of the Otakon page on atthecon.com)
  11. Place I stayed: Sheraton Inner Harbor Number of people in room: 3 Hotel Staff: Fast, friendly, accuratel. Walk to the con center: Less than five minutes from the room to the BCC, via Skywalk or on the ground; no major streets to cross. The bad: You have to pay for internet, $10 day, and parking, $27 day! No microwave, no fridge. The good: Great view, nice big room, really comfortable beds. Walk to the con without crossing a street. Would you stay there again? We have stayed here the last two years and already have reservations for next year! One thing, check their reser
  12. Well, you are right, they aren't R their MA. Add Afro Samuri to the list too. Like I said, I'm all in favor of these shows I just wouldn't want to see Otakon get into trouble here.
  13. Hellsing OVA; AMV Hell; the last episode of Excel Saga; I enjoyed all of these and more this weekend, but, I wouldn't want to see Otakon get into trouble here. These shows are R rated, no way around it. Are there are things other than hentia that might should be 18+?
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